Norman Bates vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Norman Bates is a very well known horror icon but I would never really call him much of a fighter. He thrives on his opponents being weak or on sneak attacks. Howard is a similar kind of foe but he does have a gun with him and moves pretty quickly all the time. He’d definitely be able to overpower Norman in a 1 on 1 battle. I don’t see Norman being able to do much of anything in this fight but of course if he can get in range his knife skills could get tricky. Howard Aguello wins.

Howard Aguello vs Pinkie Pie

Suggested by Destroyer Pinkie Pie isn’t one of the most impressive Pony fighters, that’s for sure. Rainbow has speed, Twilight has power, but what does Pinkie have? More often than not all she has going for her is toon force which doesn’t help much in a battle like this. Fortunately for her she has her Equestrian mode which allows her to fly and at least shoot a small energy blast of sorts. That will be enough to claim the edge in this battle although as she has no magic shield she will still need to make sure she doesn’t get shot. It could be a close battle, but a winnable one for her. Pinkie Pie wins.

Road Runner vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer The Road Runner has a solid amount of speed. Howard can’t hope to land a single shot with his bullets on a foe like this. Everything he tries will get absolutely blasted back in his face which doesn’t bode well for his chances of survival here. While the Road Runner may be lacking in offensive moves, you don’t need much when you have this level of speed. Even a normal attack will get amplified to a high level if delivered with enough force. Road Runner wins.

Howard Aguello vs Bruno Mannheim

Suggested by Destroyer Bruno is pretty much just your average thug but at the same time he is one who was actually able to down Superman once upon a time. That’s not something that just anyone can do if you know what I mean. His skills are the real deal and the advanced tech doesn’t hurt. Howard’s only got a normal gun and since he has no supernatural abilities to compensate for this, he’s out of the running. If two guys who both can’t fight much are battling then the one with the better tech will usually claim victory. Bruno Mannheim wins.

Martin Riggs vs Howard Aguello

This is a tribute to Lethal Weapon 3. Martin continues to handle his business rather well and shows why he makes for a pretty excellent cop. He is good at chasing down criminals as well so there’s no way Howard could outrun him. Martin has kept himself in tip top shape for his entire career for precisely this reason. Meanwhile Howard has never really shown us any particularly impressive feats. I don’t think he would last very long against Martin and would end up absolutely crushed in a 1 on 1 fight between the two. Martin Riggs wins.

Alex Rider vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Howard is back but now he’s up against Alex. Alex Rider may not have the strongest gadgets out there, but he does have some good gun skills and even hand to hand combat. In a fight between gun fighters it can always go either way, but at least Alex has professional training so he would be able to dodge any possible counter strikes a lot easier than Howard. I’d put my money on Alex landing the first big hit and one shot is all he needs. Alex Rider wins.

Status Quo vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for Howard to take the stage. This guy’s definitely ready to claim victory as well. Status Quo and Howard both never got to really do a whole lot in the comics, but HOward quickly identified himself as more of a threat. The guy did rob someone and even tried to escape the Punisher. Status Quo really just yelled a lot from a distance and once the heroes caught him the guy surrendered without a real fight. Howard Aguello wins.

Agent Graves vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Agent Graves is an old man who rarely has a need to fight because of how persuasive he can be. The guy is always a few steps ahead of the rest although he does have a gun for when things get personal. That won’t be enough to stop Howard though. Howard has a gun of his own and he is certainly in better shape for a big fight. Graves will be going to his grave in this fight as his chances of victory are slim to none. Howard Aguello wins.

Count Orlok vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Howard has a gun, but he won’t do much better than Luke in this fight. The main reason for that is Count Orlok’s just too powerful. While his speed isn’t all that impressive the guy still does have super strength and one bite would equal victory. Howard can run, but ultimately he can’t hide and he just doesn’t have the strength needed to steal a win here. Count Orlok wins.

Howard Aguello vs Curious George

Suggested by Destroyer Howard has returned. He has been getting quite a few wins over the years and I believe this will end up being another one. Curious George is a really fun character who has been with us for generations, but he isn’t a fighter. Howard ultimately does have a gun so he at least stands a chance in a lot of fights. There just isn’t really much of anything that Curious George can do to try and make a comeback here. Howard will catch him and take him to the vet. Howard Aguello wins.