Howard Aguello vs Garfield

Suggested by Destroyer Garfield has been around for a very long time. He’s gotten tons of comics and a lot of toon force at the ready. He’s never shown any super impressive feats though so I don’t think he’s bullet proof. That means he is out of luck against someone as powerful as Howard. “Powerful” isn’t usually how I would describe someone like Howard but as long as he has the gun at the ready he should be just fine in this matchup. Howard Aguello wins.

Crowley Eusford vs Garfield

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Garfield is a nice cat. He may not always show it as he hides behind a gruff exterior but the guy certainly cares about his friends. That being said, he is not ready to go up against an enemy as powerful as Crowley. Crowley has super speed and regeneration at his disposal. He can end this match in an instant with a quick speed blitz. This is the difference between a cat and a vampire. Crowley wins.

Snoopy vs Garfield

Snoopy makes his blog debut, but he’s up against the legendary Garfield! Garfield is a pretty powerful opponent, but can he really hope to take down Snoopy? Snoopy is incredibly powerful and he’s taken on his share of opponents in the past. Garfield’s out of his league. Snoopy wins.

MC Pee Pants vs Garfield

Garfield makes his debut, but it won’t be for a win this time! MC Pee Pants has grown too powerful and could use his hand to hand combat to take Garfield down for the count. Garfield is powerful, but he may not be powerful enough to win this round. Maybe he’ll be back someday. MC Pee Pants wins.