Crowley Eusford vs Zeref

Suggested by Sonic Crowley Eusford is a powerful vampire to be sure and he has enough life force where he shouldn’t die from just being near Zeref. That said, he doesn’t have the raw abilities needed to beat him either. Zeref unlocked his awakened modes near the end of Fairy Tail and his physical abilities were enough to rival Natsu. It’s hard to see Crowley being able to damage such a fighter. Zeref wins.

Crowley Eusford vs Ragna

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Ragna is a skilled fighter and his energy abilities make him even more formidable. That being said, Crowley is just a lot faster. The vampire’s healing abilities will also make this fight particularly challenging as Ragna’s hits won’t be as effective as they usually are. Ragna is a strong opponent to be sure, but I just don’t think he can win this round. Crowley Eusford wins.

Mikaela vs Crowley Eusford

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Mikaela is indeed quite skilled, but I dare say that Crowley can match him blow for blow and then some. Crowley is a lot more experienced than Mikaela and he is also a great deal more powerful. When you combine both elements like that, it gets very difficult to win the fight for Mikaela. It’s simply a bad match up for him and one that I don’t think he can overcome. Crowley Eusford wins.

Crowley Eusford vs Ferid

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Ferid is a 7th level vampire compared to Crowley who is a 13th so at first the winner here may appear to be obvious. That being said, Crowley is actually as strong as a 7th level vampire himself which makes this a close fight. Ferid may yet be stronger as well, but he hasn’t really had a chance to show off his abilities yet. From what we’ve seen in the manga so far Crowley is a lot more impressive. His direct battle approach may make it difficult for Ferid to dodge his attacks. Crowley Eusford wins.

Crowley Eusford vs Bass

Crowley is a strong vampire and easily one of the strongest characters of his series. He has super speed and strength at his disposal which makes him tough to take out of the fight. However, Bass is superior in all respects to Crowley so I guess that’s game over for the vampire. You just can’t hope to beat the strongest being in all of media. It just simply isn’t done and one Earthbreaker could finish this. Bass wins.

Crowley Eusford vs Spinosaurus

Suggested by Dylan Hooton The Spinosaurus is definitely a strong dino. He was even able to overpower the T Rex back in the day. Still, he will need more than that against an opponent like Crowley. Crowley is too fast to be hit by any of Spiny’s attacks. That definitely makes this fight impossible to lose and that’s considering that I don’t believe we’ve seen Crowley’s full power yet. Crowley wins.

Crowley Eusford vs Garfield

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Garfield is a nice cat. He may not always show it as he hides behind a gruff exterior but the guy certainly cares about his friends. That being said, he is not ready to go up against an enemy as powerful as Crowley. Crowley has super speed and regeneration at his disposal. He can end this match in an instant with a quick speed blitz. This is the difference between a cat and a vampire. Crowley wins.