Crowley Eusford vs Zeref

Suggested by Sonic Crowley Eusford is a powerful vampire to be sure and he has enough life force where he shouldn’t die from just being near Zeref. That said, he doesn’t have the raw abilities needed to beat him either. Zeref unlocked his awakened modes near the end of Fairy Tail and his physical abilities were enough to rival Natsu. It’s hard to see Crowley being able to damage such a fighter. Zeref wins.

Nana Asta Deviluke vs Zeref

Nana Asta Deviluke has your typical super human abilities. She is actually pretty strong, but to be strong enough to stop someone like Zeref you need really special abilities. He’s immortal and has enough power to take down the planet. He drains life just by existing and that’s a good passive effect. Zeref’s definitely too fast for Nana to keep up with and while she has a lot of durability, she’s definitely not going to stand up for long against this level of power. Zeref wins.

Zeref vs Bass

Zeref has returned, but now he is up against the strongest being out there. Bass has taken down legions of opponents over the years and never even had to break a sweat while finishing them off, Zeref’s most dangerous ability is the fact that he can suck your life force just by being around. It won’t be able to take Bass out in time though. That guy’s life force is absolutely crazy and his attacks are too fast and powerful for Zeref to tank them either. No matter how you slice it, it’s game over for the guy! Bass wins.

Zeref vs Bui

Bui is a very powerful fighter and his axe can really deal massive damage. You don’t want to mess with this guy. That being said, he still won’t be able to take down Zeref. Zeref has enough dark energy abilities to destroy entire planets at this point. His final fight with Natsu was intense. Bui just gets overwhelmed in all areas during this fight. He won’t be able to claim the win here. Zeref wins.

Ultraman vs Zeref

Ultraman has returned, but he won’t be able to stop Zeref. Zeref can absorb the life force of people just by existing. Ultraman’s time limit is already quite brief so this won’t do him any favors. He has some reasonable strength and speed, but it isn’t at a level where Zeref would be nervous. He’ll casually just take Ultraman down with a single punch or two and that would be the end of that. Zeref wins.

Shanoa vs Zeref

Suggested by iKnowledge Shanoa is a talented fighter whose attacks come out unpredictably. She can be using knives or guns, the opponent won’t know until it is too late. Still, that’s not something that would really bother someone like Zeref. His abilities are far above hers to the point where he likely wouldn’t take any damage even if he suffered a direct hit. Put it this way, Zeref was already a top tier fighter before he got his big deity form. At that point it was all over. Zeref wins.