Zeref vs Bui

Bui is a very powerful fighter and his axe can really deal massive damage. You don’t want to mess with this guy. That being said, he still won’t be able to take down Zeref. Zeref has enough dark energy abilities to destroy entire planets at this point. His final fight with Natsu was intense. Bui just gets overwhelmed in all areas during this fight. He won’t be able to claim the win here. Zeref wins.

Red Hulk vs Bui

Suggested by iKnowledge Red Hulk is a powerful Marvel fighter. While he has never really seemed more impressive than Hulk he has certainly won his share of fights. Physically I may even give him the edge over Bui. Where he falters is in terms of energy projection. Bui is second to none in that and was even able to resist Hiei’s Dragon of Darkness Flame. He would speed blitz Red Hulk with ease and the hits would quickly add up until Red Hulk was down for the count. Bui wins.