Red Hulk vs Bui

Suggested by iKnowledge Red Hulk is a powerful Marvel fighter. While he has never really seemed more impressive than Hulk he has certainly won his share of fights. Physically I may even give him the edge over Bui. Where he falters is in terms of energy projection. Bui is second to none in that and was even able to resist Hiei’s Dragon of Darkness Flame. He would speed blitz Red Hulk with ease and the hits would quickly add up until Red Hulk was down for the count. Bui wins.

Red Hulk vs Sanji

Red Hulk is very powerful, but Sanji definitely has the edge thanks to his raw power and exceptional speed. His fire kicks would definitely deal some serious damage to the beast and none of Red Hulk’s attacks are fast enough to hit him. Red Hulk has obtained the Power Cosmic in the past, but that power won’t help him since he’s just too slow. Sanji wins.

Red Hulk vs Bowser

Bowser and Red Hulk are both known for their strength, but it can easily be argued that Red Hulk has the superior brawn. Bowser has his Giga Bowser form, but Red Hulk can counter with the Power Cosmic and his super heating ability. It will be tough for Bowser to overcome this technique and he will be forced to concede defeat. Red Hulk wins.

Red Hulk vs Bass

Bass is back and he’s up against the mighty Red Hulk! Red Hulk has gone up against powerful opponents like Hulk and Thor before so he’s got a good track record. Still, it won’t be nearly enough to deal with a powerful foe like Bass! Bass can move at speeds that are just about impossible to stop. Bass wins.

Red Hulk vs Doomsday

Red Hulk has some pretty intense strength, but he’s up against a foe who was able to take on Superman! Doomsday is incredibly powerful and his durability is great enough to withstand Red Hulk’s attacks. Red Hulk is pretty great in a fist fight, but he won’t be able to stop Doomsday. He was doomed from the start! Doomsday wins.

Red Hulk vs Spawn

Spawn is definitely one of the stronger superheroes out there and he would take this round. Not only is his physical strength enough to deal damage to Red Hulk, but he’s also got a large array of long range abilities that he could use to his advantage. Add teleportation and regeneration to his list of abilities and Red Hulk won’t be able to stop him. Spawn wins.

Red Hulk vs Cyclops

A long time ago, Red Hulk would have won this battle with ease. Cyclops wasn’t a really high tier character, but that all changed when he absorbed the Phoenix Force. Now he has powers that are on a whole other level and he can stand up to Red Hulk. Red Hulk is definitely powerful, but I think Cyclop’s speed may give him this round. Cyclops wins.

Hawkeye vs Red Hulk

Hawkeye is back, but he won’t really have any better luck against Red Hulk. Red Hulk is a pretty tough guy and with one punch he can take down Hawkeye. Hawkeye’s arrows can do many things, but I don’t think stopping Red Hulk is one of them. Better luck next time! Red Hulk wins.

Red Hulk vs Itachi

Red Hulk is definitely a power house! His raw strength is incredible, but now he’s up against an Uchiha! Itachi can activate his sharingan to trap Red Hulk in a genjutsu while he finishes him off. Of course Itachi doesn’t need to use genjutsu to win this round. With his ninjutsu skills Red Hulk will be no match. Itachi wins.

Jason Voorhees vs Red Hulk

Jason Voorhees has a hockey mask, but it won’t save him from Red Hulk. Red Hulk has a lot of power and can’t be defeated too quickly! Jason has his X form which makes him a lot more durable, but some cosmic blasts from Red Hulk should do the trick. He doesn’t go down easily. Red Hulk wins.