Sanji vs Black Adam

Suggested by iKnowledge Sanji used to be around the same strength as Zoro but then he didn’t eat anything to do for a long while. I started to wonder if it was possible that he didn’t have what it takes to defeat a foe such as Black Adam . Now that we’ve seen him fight a little more in the New World, I’m confident that he has the speed and power to keep Black Adam on the defensive. His Haki is sure to come in handy as well. It’ll be a reasonably close fight to be honest, but Sanji has got this. Sanji wins.

Red Hulk vs Sanji

Red Hulk is very powerful, but Sanji definitely has the edge thanks to his raw power and exceptional speed. His fire kicks would definitely deal some serious damage to the beast and none of Red Hulk’s attacks are fast enough to hit him. Red Hulk has obtained the Power Cosmic in the past, but that power won’t help him since he’s just too slow. Sanji wins.

Sanji vs Wanze

Wanze isn’t one of the more likable One Piece characters and I couldn’t wait until Sanji finally went and took him down for the count. Wanze is the type of guy who may have a solid reputation, but he’s simply not a great fighter. After you’ve seen through his tricks; it’s a simple matter to come up with a plan for victory. Sanji wouldn’t even break a sweat. Sanji wins.

Sanji vs Satori

Sanji has some pretty impressive kicking abilities. Satori may be able to dodge a lot of attacks thanks to his ability to see into the possible future, but it won’t be enough. Sanji has gotten pretty skilled through the years and if they had a rematch, I believe that Sanji would take the win. Satori won’t be able to keep up with his speed. Sanji wins.

Fullbody vs Sanji

Fullbody may have some pretty decent punches, but they won’t be enough to stop Sanji. Sanji is an expert at using his legs to fight and he’s defeated many promising fighters in the past. Fullbody won’t be able to keep up with his speed or raw power and takes a solid loss in this battle. Maybe one day he’ll be back. Sanji wins.

Bon Clay vs Sanji

Bon Clay has some pretty good kicking abilities, but they are definitely no match for Sanji. Sanji has some pretty good experience with that type of fighting style as well. Bon Clay also won’t be able to keep up with Sanji’s incredible speed. Sanji keeps on getting stronger and stronger while Bon Clay stands still in the power rankings. Sanji wins.

Sanji vs Zeff

Zeff had a pretty powerful kick of his own back in the day, but I think that Sanji would definitely be able to take him down. Sanji’s fast and his kicks are pretty legendary as well. Zeff just wouldn’t have what it takes to defeat an opponent as powerful and skilled as Sanji. Sanji wins.

Sanji vs Kuroobi

Kuroobi has some decent power and speed, but he won’t be able to keep up with Sanji. Sanji has always been a pretty powerful fighter and he’s taken down some pretty powerful opponents in his day. Kuroobi was a challenge back in the day (Thanks to circumstances) but if they had a rematch, it wouldn’t be much of a fight. Sanji wins.

Sanji vs Pearl

Pearl may have some good defensive shields, but his face is still wide open! Pearl just isn’t that fast and Sanji’s also a lot stronger. Sanji just needs one good kick to do some major damage. Pearl won’t really be able to stand after even 1 good kick. Sanji’s just a better fighter in the end. Sanji wins.

Marco vs Sanji

Marco is a pretty tough guy, but in the end he won’t be able to take down Sanji. Sanji has his kicking ability and he’s always been ready for a fight. Marco’s phoenix ability comes in handy, but Sanji has always seemed like the better fighter. Maybe Marco will be back someday. Sanji wins.