Sanji vs Black Adam

Suggested by iKnowledge Sanji used to be around the same strength as Zoro but then he didn’t eat anything to do for a long while. I started to wonder if it was possible that he didn’t have what it takes to defeat a foe such as Black Adam . Now that we’ve seen him fight a little more in the New World, I’m confident that he has the speed and power to keep Black Adam on the defensive. His Haki is sure to come in handy as well. It’ll be a reasonably close fight to be honest, but Sanji has got this. Sanji wins.

2 thoughts on “Sanji vs Black Adam

  1. I’m no One Piece fan, and I know characters from that series are extremely powerful, but what’s to stop Black Adam from punching through Sanji’s chest like in DC’s World War III event: And also tear off Sanji’s legs or break his feet and leave him to die from the shock?:

    Admittedly, that was a one-time moment of berserk rage, but it shows you how powerful Teth-Adam can get.

    • Well, Sanji has haki unlike the other opponents Black Adam fought. It’s essentially like a barrier and should protect him from getting ripped apart like that. It’s not indestructible or anything, but I think Sanji would physically be able to keep up with Black Adam both in terms of speed and power. Black Adam is extremely powerful though and not to be taken lightly. Sanji would have to use his Diablo kick and his full powers for sure

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