Might Guy vs Doomsday

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 Doomsday has incredible power and regenerative abilities and he is going to need all of that against someone like Might Guy. When Might Guy starts to open up those gates of his then you know that things are about to get dangerous. Doomsday just doesn’t have the speed needed to take care of that kind of speed and his regeneration will quickly be overwhelmed here. Might Guy wins.

Link vs Doomsday

Suggested by Destroyer Link is a talented swordsman, but can he beat the ultimate adapting monster? Doomsday will prove to be a difficult opponent for Link but adapting to the Master Sword will be difficult. Link also has a lot of combat speed and different weapons up his arsenal. He should be able to overwhelm Doomsday in pure combat and his light arrow will do the trick. It’s a close fight but one that Link won’t lose. Link wins.

Cell vs Doomsday

Suggested by Anonymous Doomsday is a powerful DC villain. I dare say that he is probably top 5 if not top 3. At the same time, he is up against Cell who is an incredibly powerful DBZ villain. Whole solar systems would be crushed as soon as he fired off a single blast. Doomsday can adapt during a fight, but he won’t be able to adapt quick enough to bridge this gap in power. It’s simply too drastic and Cell has a wide arsenal of moves to choose from. Cell wins.

Tulkas vs Doomsday


Suggested by IKnowledge Tulkas is no match for Doomsday but then again, you could say the same for anyone else in the LOTR franchise. Doomsday is just wayyyy too powerful for any of these challengers. As it stands, he was able to give Superman a good fight. Tulkas may be physically powerful, but he couldn’t match such a feat. Doomsday wins.

Flashman vs Doomsday

Requested by Destroyer This is definitely a fun match and one of those battles, which I would love to see animated. Flashman’s attacks are quite deadly and were even able to injure Megaman. I have no doubt that his attacks would have a noticeable effect on the beast. Naturally, the reverse is also true and Doomsday’s healing factor will definitely come into play here. Flashnan will have to wrack up a lot of damage very quickly here in order to win. It’s a tough fight, but I ultimately believe that Flashman’s inability to fly and lack of impressive speed feats will be the end of him. An anime fighter losing to a comic villain? Impossible!!! Doomsday wins.

Doomsday vs Venom

Venom had a lot of muscle power back in the 90’s and he sized up well against heavy hitters like Doomsday and the Hulk. That being said, he wouldn’t be able to take Doomsday down. Doomsday’s defense is very solid (Despite what the New 52 would have you believe) and it will take a lot of hits to bring him down. Venom doesn’t have that kind of power and he can give Doomsday a good fight…but he’ll ultimately be defeated. Doomsday wins.

Solomon Grundy vs Doomsday

Solomon Grundy is a pretty powerful DC fighter, but he’s definitely not up to par with Doomsday. Doomsday may be one of the strongest comic book villains of all time in pure strength and he could easily out muscle Solomon Grundy for the win. Solomon Grundy doesn’t have Doomsday’s high level of endurance and he doesn’t have as much stamina either. Solomon Grundy just doesn’t have a shot of winning this round! Doomsday wins.

Doomsday vs Gon

Doomsday has immense physical strength at his disposal and he has a pretty good amount of speed as well, but he wont be able to stop Gon! Gon is an experienced hunter and one good shot is all that he would need to deal some serious damage. Doomsday wont be able to endure for long. Gon wins.

Gemini Saga vs Doomsday

Gemini Saga is back and he’s up against Doomsday! Doomsday is pretty powerful and he was able to give Superman a pretty good fight back in the day. Gemini Saga can fire energy blasts and his armor is very powerful. It’s the main reason as to how he can face such powerful opponents, although his physical attributes are also very high ranked. Doomsday won’t be able to match his speed in this round. Gemini Saga wins.

Red Hulk vs Doomsday

Red Hulk has some pretty intense strength, but he’s up against a foe who was able to take on Superman! Doomsday is incredibly powerful and his durability is great enough to withstand Red Hulk’s attacks. Red Hulk is pretty great in a fist fight, but he won’t be able to stop Doomsday. He was doomed from the start! Doomsday wins.