Ichigo vs Cell

Suggested by Destroyer Ichigo is one of the most powerful Shonen Jump protagonists in history. His speed and power are absolutely insane and he defeats opponents that would leave most people spinning in awe. That said, Cell is still a little too powerful. He’s a very balanced DBZ fighter who has had his share of power ups in Xenoverse and DB Heroes. Ichigo can go far but ultimately DBZ is still in a different league. Cell wins.

Meruem vs Cell

Meruem returns but now he is fighting a DBZ character of incredible power and speed. While the two may have similar designs, Cell is a fighter who could end the entire solar system so that ends the comparisons between them. Technically speaking their personalities are also rather different so it’s really the design that gets brought up a lot. The power scales in DBZ and HXH are too far apart for Meruem to stand a chance though. Cell wins.

Cell vs Buu

These two characters are certainly iconic DBZ villains. Their overwhelming power was stunning and the heroes really had a tough time against them. Of course this match is a no brainer if you’re just looking at the main material, but these two have gotten many power ups over the years in spinoffs and video games. Still, Cell hasn’t quite gotten a form that lets him surpass Buu yet. Buu has done a good job of keeping pace with just about everyone. Even now there aren’t too many villains who are actually stronger than him. Buu wins.

Cell vs Simon (Gurren Lagann)

Both of these competitors couldn’t wait to start the second round, but this is one time where size won’t be enough. Simon is one of the strongest non DBZ characters out there. He can destroy most opponents simply by moving since it would be enough to destroy a planet. That won’t be enough against a foe who can destroy solar systems though. Cell’s power is incredibly scary with how many options he has and his speed is also crazy. Simon won’t be hitting this guy and even if he could graze him it wouldn’t do much thanks to Cell’s healing factor. Cell wins.

Lady Clayface vs Cell

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Suggested by Anonymous Lady Clayface is fairly powerful and certainly not a fighter that many would want to tangle with. Being made of clay makes her difficult to grab so it’s best to stick to long range combat against for. Fortunately for Cell he has the Super Kamehameha which will have more than enough power to deal with her. She couldn’t survive getting hit with such an attack and she most certainly isn’t fast enough to dodge it. As far as I can see, she has no options left. Cell wins.

Cell vs Doomsday

Suggested by Anonymous Doomsday is a powerful DC villain. I dare say that he is probably top 5 if not top 3. At the same time, he is up against Cell who is an incredibly powerful DBZ villain. Whole solar systems would be crushed as soon as he fired off a single blast. Doomsday can adapt during a fight, but he won’t be able to adapt quick enough to bridge this gap in power. It’s simply too drastic and Cell has a wide arsenal of moves to choose from. Cell wins.

Cell vs Bastion

Suggested by Anonymous Bastion is a talented duelist even if he did crack a little over the course of the series. He’s very intelligent as well so he may come up with the best possible strategy for fighting Cell. Still, the best strategy among a bunch of hopeless ones still isn’t ultimately going to amount to much here. Cell is simply too powerful and won’t be going down very easily. A single blast will end the match so there’s not much Bastion can do about that. Cell wins.

Larry Talbot vs Cell

Suggested by Anonymous Larry Talbot is a resourceful guy and he is not afraid to throw a few punches as well. Thing is, that’s not enough against a foe of Cell’s caliber. One misplaced punch and it’s all over for Talbot. He could transform into his werewolf state, but that one isn’t even bullet proof and barely enhances his physical abilities. Cell’s immediate counter strike will be fatal. Cell wins.

Imhotep vs Cell

Suggested by Anonymous Imhotep is a strong mummy but I don’t think he has what it takes to stop Cell. Cell is simply way too strong as he can take down a whole solar system in an instant if he chooses to do so. No amount of sand will be enough to deter such a powerful attack and speed has never been Imhotep’s strong suit. Cell wins.

Clayface vs Cell


Suggested by Anonymous Clayface may not be the flashiest Batman villain on the block but his powers are actually quite lethal. I would consider him to be one of the Dark Knight’s toughest foes even if his intellect isn’t particularly high. Still, there isn’t much he can do about blowing up the planet. Cell is simply too fast and frankly, Cell is too powerful as well. There is nothing Clayface can do. Cell wins.