Doctor Alchemy vs Bastion

Suggested by iKnowledge Doctor Alchemy is a Flash villain that I can’t say I’ve heard a lot about over the years. He has some pretty interesting combos with his chemicals and substances but at the same time I don’t see him being a big threat to Bastion. Bastion is something of a scholar himself and his deck is filled to the brim with powerful monsters of every kind of element imaginable. His water dragons will be able to overwhelm anything Doctor Alchemy tries to throw at him. It pays to be a master duelist even if things didn’t go great for him in the end. Bastion wins.

Cell vs Bastion

Suggested by Anonymous Bastion is a talented duelist even if he did crack a little over the course of the series. He’s very intelligent as well so he may come up with the best possible strategy for fighting Cell. Still, the best strategy among a bunch of hopeless ones still isn’t ultimately going to amount to much here. Cell is simply too powerful and won’t be going down very easily. A single blast will end the match so there’s not much Bastion can do about that. Cell wins.

Thor vs Bastion

Bastion has dozens and dozens of monsters at his disposal. Thor is a powerful warrior, he would have to defeat an army like no other! Bastion has dragons and dinosaur shaped monsters on his side, not to mention various spells and trap cards as well. Thor’s raw power and skill will help him for a while, but ultimately he will be defeated. Quantity does beat Quality sometimes. Bastion wins.

Bastion (Xmen) vs Bastion

This is one of those times where it’s helpful to have sheer numbers on your side. Bastion (Xmen) is definitely stronger than Bastion physically and he would only need one good shot to take him down, but Bastion has dozens of monsters at his disposal. He loves to switch his deck and that has definitely worked to his advantage. The combined might of his monsters should be enough to grant him a win. Bastion wins.