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Dark Beast vs Bastion (Xmen)

Suggested by Sonic Dark Beast is fairly strong and has definitely won his share of fights. His strength does seem to be superior to that of the Beast we’re used to although it’s not nearly enough to take on someone like Bastion. Bastion is incredibly advanced and he has enough firepower to keep Dark Beast at bay with ease. This beast won’t be able to get close enough to deal out any real damage so he is doomed as soon as the fight has begun. Bastion (Xmen) wins.

Bastion (Xmen) Battles, Bastion Battles, Battles

Bastion (Xmen) vs Bastion

This is one of those times where it’s helpful to have sheer numbers on your side. Bastion (Xmen) is definitely stronger than Bastion physically and he would only need one good shot to take him down, but Bastion has dozens of monsters at his disposal. He loves to switch his deck and that has definitely worked to his advantage. The combined might of his monsters should be enough to grant him a win. Bastion wins.