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Kakuzu vs Black Tom Cassidy

Suggested by Destroyer Black Tom Cassidy has always been more of an underling than a mastermind so he is already below Kakuzu when you’re comparing their tactical awareness levels. Kakuzu is able to control his spirits and fight at the same time so he is able to multi task quite well. Tom’s staff may prove to be some trouble here, but Kakuzu can endure some hits if necessary on his way to victory. Such attacks certainly wouldn’t end him. Kakuzu wins.

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Black Tom Cassidy vs Lazerman

Black Tom Cassidy is back and he’s back to get pwned. He could never take on someone as powerful as Lazerman. With a couple of well placed punches Lazerman could take this match easily. Maybe he’d only need one punch in the end. Either way Black Tom Cassidy is doomed and loses pretty easily. Lazerman wins.

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Black Tom Cassidy vs Manthing

Black Tom Cassidy is back to pwn. From his staff he can fire energy blasts and he also has a plant form. Of course Manthing has very strong super strength he lacks speed. He just doesn’t have the speed or beam power to take on Black Tom Cassidy. Black Tom Cassidy rises up the ranks with this win. Black Tom Cassidy wins.

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Black Tom Cassidy vs Namor

Black Tom Cassidy can fire energy blasts which is pretty impressive. He also has a giant tree form that’s pretty intense. Of course Namor has some pretty epic tridents and with them he can also fire energy. It helps that he’s also stronger and faster than Black Tom Cassidy. Namor wins.

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Black Tom Cassidy vs Juggernaut

Black Tom Cassidy may have a staff and his energy powers, but nothing stops the Juggernaut. Juggernaut is one of those characters who’s aged pretty well. He’s still a super powerful being and can take down all in his way. Black Tom Cassidy may be powerful, but in the end he loses this match. Juggernaut has now defeated his greatest ally. Juggernaut wins.

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Banshee vs Black Tom Cassidy

Black Tom Cassidy has fought Banshee in the past. Banshee is tough, but I’d go with Black Tom Cassidy on this one. He has plant powers, healing powers, and size manipulation. Not to mention energy blasts (But since they don’t affect Banshee it doesn’t matter) Banshee can only fly in this match. Black Tom Cassidy wins.