Hirudegarn vs Juggernaut

Suggested by Destroyer Hirudegarn has returned and he’s ready for some action. The Juggernaut is an incredibly durable fighter so he won’t go down easily but I also don’t see him lasting very long here. A few of those solar system ending blasts should do the trick and Juggernaut is not fast enough to ever catch up to this guy. Ultimately that’s pretty bad news for him. Hirudegarn wins.

Juggernaut vs Havok

Suggested by Destroyer Havok has powerful energy blasts that can even rival Cyclops. That said, Juggernaut has built his whole reputation around having insane durability and raw power. Havok’s not going to really be dealing any lasting damage to him. Juggernaut will just power through the blasts and crush Havok in the blink of an eye. There wouldn’t be much he could do against that. Juggernaut wins.

Bahamut (SIN) vs Juggernaut

Requested by Destroyer Bahamut SIN is a very dangerous foe who caused a lot of chaos over in the Advent Children film. His raw attack power and durability are very high, but a lack of speed hurts Bahamut to an extent. Juggernaut isn’t exactly a speedster himself, but he is certainly faster than Bahamut. Juggernaut has been able to fully tap into the Cytorrak power he possesses in the past, which will be immensely helpful here. It gave him even more strength and this is one fist fight that Bahamut SIN will not be able to win. Juggernaut wins.

S’ym vs Juggernaut

S’ym is back and now he’s up against the unstoppable Juggernaut! Juggernaut is a pretty powerful foe and he’s taken the Xmen down several times in the past. He’s also fought against heavy hitters like Thor and the Hulk before so we know that Juggernaut’s reputation as a strong fighter is justified. S’ym is also a very powerful foe and he has many feats to prove this, but he simply isn’t as powerful as the Juggernaut when both of them are at their peak. Juggernaut wins.

Juggernaut vs Mothra

Mothra _11_
Juggernaut is back and now he’s up against Mothra! Mothra is a pretty fierce fighter, but she won’t be able to take Juggernaut down. His raw power is immense and he even became Captain Universe at one point. I think it’s safe to say that Mothra’s a goner in this match. Juggernaut wins.

Juggernaut vs Godzilla

Juggernaut has enough power to level whole cities in an instant. Godzilla has immense power as well, but Juggernaut has the speed advantage and he could fly rings around Godzilla. A couple of good punches could also put Godzilla in a daze. He won’t be winning this round. Juggernaut wins.

Juggernaut vs Superman

Juggernaut is hard to stop and he has super strength as well. Of course in the end that’s still not enough to take down someone like Superman. Superman’s just far too powerful and can beat Juggernaut many different ways. If only Juggernaut was as fast as Superman, then this would be a good fight. Superman wins.

Black Tom Cassidy vs Juggernaut

Black Tom Cassidy may have a staff and his energy powers, but nothing stops the Juggernaut. Juggernaut is one of those characters who’s aged pretty well. He’s still a super powerful being and can take down all in his way. Black Tom Cassidy may be powerful, but in the end he loses this match. Juggernaut has now defeated his greatest ally. Juggernaut wins.