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S’ym vs Juggernaut

S’ym is back and now he’s up against the unstoppable Juggernaut! Juggernaut is a pretty powerful foe and he’s taken the Xmen down several times in the past. He’s also fought against heavy hitters like Thor and the Hulk before so we know that Juggernaut’s reputation as a strong fighter is justified. S’ym is also a very powerful foe and he has many feats to prove this, but he simply isn’t as powerful as the Juggernaut when both of them are at their peak. Juggernaut wins.

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S’ym vs Thanos

S’ym is one of the strongest Marvel characters when it comes to physical strength. He humiliated Colossus and went on to crush Wolverine. Well, I’m pretty sure that he wouldn’t fare quite so well against Thanos. Thanos is very powerful as well and I believe that he could overpower S’ym with brute strength. That’s not even counting all of Thanos’ other abilities. He’s definitely a force to be reckoned with. Thanos wins.

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S’ym vs Wolverine

Wolverine is a powerhouse and he’s definitely one of the strongest Xmen. When he last fought S’ym, he was humiliated and utterly defeated. If they were to fight when both fighters were at their peak, I’m confident that Phoenix Force Wolverine would take the win. That guy could probably take down planets and not even S’ym could match such a feat. It would be time for him to take a tough loss. Wolverine wins.

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S’ym vs Thor

S’ym is a pretty powerful Xmen villain and I had to make him enter the blog upon seeing what he could do. He completely overpowered Colossus in strength and he was strong enough to rip off Wolverine’s adamantium claw. That takes a lot of power and the adamantium couldn’t even pierce his skin. Thor is definitely stronger than Colossus so it would be a much better match. S’ym is very confident in his abilities and he loves to mock his opponents, but he won’t get the chance this time. Thor is definitely more powerful than this creature. Thor wins.