Wolverine vs Eggman

Suggested by Destroyer Eggman has a lot of great robots, armors, inventions, and the works but none of them will be quite enough to stop Wolverine here. Wolverine has had many power ups over the years and is a savage fighter. All he has to do is get up close and land a single hit. With his Phoenix Force form that won’t be difficult to do at all. Eggman’s just going to end up being completely doomed here. Wolverine wins.

Nanny 2 vs Wolverine

Very few characters have ever been able to break Wolverine, but I dare say that Nanny came close. Still, Wolverine won’t be losing this battle. In a fair fight there is no way she can overcome his metal bones or his healing factor. Meanwhile Wolverine just needs one clean shot to slice straight through her. A robot is never a good match-up against this particular X-Men member. Nanny will definitely give it her best effort though. Wolverine wins.

Dante vs Wolverine

Suggested by Anonymous Wolverine makes for a pretty good match against Dante because he’s got a crazy healing factor too. Both of them can really slug it out for long portions of time and since Wolverine got his own Phoenix Force he can also battle at high speeds. Wolverine may manage to give Dante a pretty exciting time, but at the end of the day it won’t be quite enough for him to claim victory. Dante’s been doing this for too long to lose here. He’s a pro and he knows it. Dante wins.

Sonic vs Wolverine

Suggested by Anonymous Wolverine is pretty powerful and he has obtained quite a few power ups over the years. One of these power ups was the famed Dark Phoenix which gave him absolutely unlimited power. That would allow him to defeat just about anyone but it still won’t be enough when out against the matchless speed of Sonic the Hedgehog! Sonic has access to his Super form which lets him fly and amps up his abilities by a drastic amount. Wolverine is strong, but Sonic can injure him and with the speed advantage as well it’s all over. Sonic wins.

Dr Doom vs Wolverine

Dr Doom has recently become just about all powerful in the Secret Wars. He’s no stranger to that level of cosmic ability as he once absorbed Odin’s power and he also got the Beyonder’s at another point in time. Wolverine has his Phoenix Force and X Mode to counter that, but Dr Doom also has an X Mode so it’s really the Phoenix Force against the other unlimited power. This is definitely a tricky matchup, but I’m probably going to give Dr Doom the edge thanks to his energy attacks, which will help to keep Wolverine at bay. It’ll be hard for Wolverine to get in close and he’s not much of a long range fighter. Dr Doom wins.

Wolverine vs Tsuna

This is a tribute to Days of Future Past! I’m afraid that Wolverine looked very weak and unimpressive in the film, which means that I will need to give him a loss. This will happen against the immensely powerful being who is known to the world as Tsuna. Wolverine would not be able to keep up with him or endure his immense power. Tsuna wins.

S’ym vs Wolverine

Wolverine is a powerhouse and he’s definitely one of the strongest Xmen. When he last fought S’ym, he was humiliated and utterly defeated. If they were to fight when both fighters were at their peak, I’m confident that Phoenix Force Wolverine would take the win. That guy could probably take down planets and not even S’ym could match such a feat. It would be time for him to take a tough loss. Wolverine wins.

Wolverine vs Quickman

Wolverine is tough and he has the Phoenix Force so this is an obvious win for him right? Well, if you think that…then I encourage you to rethink the current situation. Quickman is legendary in terms of speed and there is no way that Wolverine will be able to keep up with him. Quickman can definitely take Wolverine out with a few hits and that will not be tough for him thanks to his speed advantage. Wolverine’s healing factor just won’t help him this time. Quickman wins.

Wolverine vs Lobo

This is a tricky match and that’s coming from a DC fan! Lobo has been shown to keep up with Superman in the past, yet he has never looked very impressive compared to other heavy hitters like Black Adam, Doomsday, or Sinestro. He does have a Red Lantern Ring though, which helps to balance things out. Wolverine has the Phoenix, but he’s going to have to take a loss in this round. It’s a close battle, but Lobo just has enough feats to squeeze him by! Lobo wins.

Daredevil vs Wolverine

Wolverine is back and now he’s up against Daredevil! Daredevil may be pretty acrobatic, but he just doesn’t have the skills to win this match. Wolverine is just too experienced and he’s dealt with some pretty powerful threats in the past. Daredevil just won’t be able to compete against him and he’ll have to take a tough loss in this round. Wolverine wins.