Accelerator vs Dante

Suggested by Sonic Dante has super speed and high speed regeneration which are both really excellent abilities. He should be able to take a lot of the punishment that Accelerator can dish out but only for so long. Gradually his abilities will begin to weaken and that’s when Accelerator will really begin to have the upper hand here. His vectors is just such an absolute ability that Dante can’t hope to dodge it and Accelerator is fast in his own right so he could dodge Dante’s attacks long enough to win here. Accelerator wins.

Urizen vs Dante

Suggested by Anonymous Urizen is basically the dark side of Vergil so as you can imagine his abilities are still very formidable. That being said, he is definitely not ready to take on Dante’s full power at this point. Dante has grown massively powerful over the years and by DMC5 he is basically the strongest being out there. Urizen won’t be able to do a whole lot against Dante and will lose. He’s simply outranked in almost every area. Dante wins.

Sparda vs Dante

Suggested by Anonymous Sparda is one of the most powerful DMC characters out there. His abilities are basically legend at this point. Still, Dante has grown stronger with every game appearance and it is said that he has surpassed Sparda. That was around game 2 so by the current games you can’t really even compare the two anymore. They are now in completely different leagues and I don’t imagine that the gap will shrink anytime soon. It’s simply game over for Sparda’s time at the top. Dante wins.

Lady vs Dante

Suggested by Anonymous Dante continues to rack up those wins. Lady is pretty tough and can give Dante a reasonable fight, but it’s over as soon as he gets serious. She just won’t be able to keep up with his stronger demon modes and as always his healing regeneration makes him just about impossible to keep down for good. Dante always does love a good fight though so that’ll keep things interesting for a bit longer. Dante wins.

Nero vs Dante

Suggested by Anonymous Dante has returned and now he’s up against another powerhouse in the DMC series. By the end of the series (Or at least the current point) Nero has gotten to the point where he is able to keep up with Vergil and Dante. Has he really surpassed the lead though? I’d argue no. While he has beaten Dante in the past, it’s never been at the guy’s 100%. If they both activate their triggers then there is no way that Nero will be able to keep up. He’s simply not strong enough or fast enough to stop Dante. Dante wins.

Dante vs Trish

Suggested by Anonymous Trish is definitely a pretty strong ally. Her gun skills are first rate and she is pretty agile. Still, there’s never been any real doubt as to who would win in a fight between her and Dante. Dante is the main character of the series for a reason after all and Trish won’t be able to deal enough damage here. Dante can shake off almost any hit and her attacks won’t be any exception. Nobody’s taking this guy down just yet. Dante wins.

Dante vs Bayonetta

Suggested by Anonymous This is definitely a pretty tough match. Both of these combatants are incredibly powerful and there are a lot of similarities in their movesets. Both of them have great healing regeneration and can slow down time to make their speed appear to be even greater than their opponents. Where Dante takes the edge is in how fast his offense is and the fact that his regeneration is definitely superior to Bayonetta’s. In a prolonged battle they will both be taking a lot of damage but Dante will be able to walk off the hits a lot better than she can. Dante wins.

Dante vs Wolverine

Suggested by Anonymous Wolverine makes for a pretty good match against Dante because he’s got a crazy healing factor too. Both of them can really slug it out for long portions of time and since Wolverine got his own Phoenix Force he can also battle at high speeds. Wolverine may manage to give Dante a pretty exciting time, but at the end of the day it won’t be quite enough for him to claim victory. Dante’s been doing this for too long to lose here. He’s a pro and he knows it. Dante wins.

Dante vs Hulk

Suggested by Anonymous The Hulk may be known as the strongest there is, but that’s certainly not going to be enough against Dante. Dante’s got a lot of speed under his belt and that will work against raw power any day of the week. Hulk’s punches will also deal damage, but it’ll be repaired almost instantly thanks to Dante’s crazy healing. Hulk will either get tired out first or Dante will get bored and just end the green behemoth. Either way it’s game over. Dante wins.

Dante vs Iron Fist

Suggested by Anonymous Iron Fist is a pretty tough guy, but he would get absolutely crushed the instant the match started if he was in normal mode. Fortunately for him he did absorb a portion of the Phoenix Force at one point. That at least lets him stay in the match for a little while, but it won’t be enough to handle Dante’s regenerative abilities nor can it stop Dante’s speed. This will be a cosmic clash for the ages, but Iron Fist just won’t be able to put Dante down for the count. Dante wins.