Dante vs Wolverine

Suggested by Anonymous Wolverine makes for a pretty good match against Dante because he’s got a crazy healing factor too. Both of them can really slug it out for long portions of time and since Wolverine got his own Phoenix Force he can also battle at high speeds. Wolverine may manage to give Dante a pretty exciting time, but at the end of the day it won’t be quite enough for him to claim victory. Dante’s been doing this for too long to lose here. He’s a pro and he knows it. Dante wins.


Dante vs Hulk

Suggested by Anonymous The Hulk may be known as the strongest there is, but that’s certainly not going to be enough against Dante. Dante’s got a lot of speed under his belt and that will work against raw power any day of the week. Hulk’s punches will also deal damage, but it’ll be repaired almost instantly thanks to Dante’s crazy healing. Hulk will either get tired out first or Dante will get bored and just end the green behemoth. Either way it’s game over. Dante wins.

Dante vs Iron Fist

Suggested by Anonymous Iron Fist is a pretty tough guy, but he would get absolutely crushed the instant the match started if he was in normal mode. Fortunately for him he did absorb a portion of the Phoenix Force at one point. That at least lets him stay in the match for a little while, but it won’t be enough to handle Dante’s regenerative abilities nor can it stop Dante’s speed. This will be a cosmic clash for the ages, but Iron Fist just won’t be able to put Dante down for the count. Dante wins.

Dante vs Vergil

Suggested by Anonymous Dante and Vergil are always pretty evenly matched. They’ve got a similar skillset and super forms. That being said, I have to actually give Vergil the slight edge overall. Anything Dante can do, Vergil can match and then some. I’d say that he has the higher skill ceiling and he’s proven many times that he has what it takes to defeat Dante. With these rivals the outcome can always go either way, but I think Vergil would win more times than not. He’s just not the kind of guy to take a loss. Vergil wins.

Dante vs Punisher

Suggested by Anonymous The Punisher is a pretty tough guy and he did get the Ghost Rider power a while back so he won’t lose instantly here. He can probably give Dante some good burns and put up a good fight along the way. It just won’t be enough though as Dante can regenerate from anything Punisher throws at him and then some. Dante is faster and stronger than the Punisher thanks to his demon modes and that’s not a fight you can win. Dante wins.

Dante vs Captain America

Suggested by Anonymous Captain America will give Dante more of a fight than Bucky, but he is also doomed here. He’s got his Thor abilities as well as Captain Universe, but Dante has the power of his ultimate demon forms. In these modes he can easily take the edge against Cap in power and speed. Once again his healing factor also comes into play and will be really clutch here. There’s nothing Cap can do to stop him. Dante wins.

Dante vs Bucky

Suggested by Anonymous Bucky is a talented fighter to be sure, but he’s definitely way out of his league against Dante here. Not only does Dante have a crazy healing factor, but his super speed is also completely off the charts. Bucky’s got his various guns and hand to hand skills, but he’s got nothing that can overcome Dante’s healing. Eventually Bucky will get tired and that’s when it’ll be all over for him. Dante wins.

Dante vs Black Widow

Suggested by Anonymous Dante is a very skilled fighter whose healing abilities are out of this world. He is able to fight in a rather unique manner as a result. He’ll take any trade since his injury will heal up almost instantly. Throw in his demon mode and Black Widow really has no shot here. Dante will win this match with ease and likely won’t even need to use anywhere near his full arsenal of attacks. Dante wins.

Dante vs Luke Cage

Suggested by Anonymous Luke Cage is a pretty strong guy so Dante should still take this match seriously. However, the match will still be over in a flash because Luke Cage doesn’t have enough speed to keep up here. His bulletproof skin also isn’t strong enough to stop Dante’s blade so any way you slice it he is definitely at a disadvantage. I don’t see a way for him to get past Dante and as with most battles against this guy, Luke Cage has no way of hurting Dante for long. Dante wins.

Dante vs Falcon

Suggested by Anonymous Falcon is a pretty solid superhero who may have started out more as a sidekick, but eventually he managed to become a full fledged hero. He has some fairly good robotic suits and is a natural fighter. These skills and tech won’t be enough to stop Dante though. His regenerative abilities simply put him in a completely different level and that’s bad news for the Falcon. There’s just no way to bring this guy down. Dante wins.