Dante vs Bayonetta

Suggested by Anonymous This is definitely a pretty tough match. Both of these combatants are incredibly powerful and there are a lot of similarities in their movesets. Both of them have great healing regeneration and can slow down time to make their speed appear to be even greater than their opponents. Where Dante takes the edge is in how fast his offense is and the fact that his regeneration is definitely superior to Bayonetta’s. In a prolonged battle they will both be taking a lot of damage but Dante will be able to walk off the hits a lot better than she can. Dante wins.

3 thoughts on “Dante vs Bayonetta

  1. In Bayonetta’s games, the main focus is to avoid as much damage as possible, because for the most part she’s really a glass-cannon. Dante on the other hand can take quite a beating and still get back up with little to no damage thanks to his regenerative abilities. All in all, I’d say this match mostly comes down to who has more stamina and better healing factors.

    Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

    • Yeah that definitely makes sense. Dante can really take quite a lot of shots and has the attack power to dish out as well as he can take. I agree that Bayonetta would run out of stamina first

      • One of the legendary sons of Sparda simply does not lose to a mere Umbra Witch. Dante definitely has the advantage in weapons, range, hand to hand combat skills, and physical might. I think Bayonetta’s Witch Time might be superior to Dante’s Bangle of Time, but his overall use of his own speed plus his damage output is too much for this witch.

        Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

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