Bayonetta vs Saber

Suggested by Sonic Bayonetta is incredibly fast and also has some solid regenerative abiliites. This will keep her in the mix against Saber for a longer period than she could otherwise, but Saber still has the absolute edge here. Her Excalibur attack would destroy Bayonetta without a trace. Her speed is also crazy enough where Bayonetta would not be able to regenerate quickly enough to match all of the blows. Ultimately that will end up with her defeat as a result. Saber wins.

Selene vs Bayonetta

This is a tribute to Underworld: Evolution. I wouldn’t say this was Selene’s best appearance. While she didn’t faint like in the first film, she spent a lot of this one on the defensive and still kept on losing a bunch of fights. Ultimately she would get a lot better but right here Bayonetta would easily be able to crush her. Bayo has enough power to take on celestial fighters after all. Bayonetta wins.

Mr Saturn vs Bayonetta

Suggested by Sonic Mr Saturn is definitely a nice little guy to hang out with, but his abilities aren’t in the same league as Bayo’s. Bayonetta can slow down time and has enough power to take on whole armies. She can fight for hours at a time and a single hit would end this match. Mr Saturn may have skills of his own, but they will not be enough to win here. Bayonetta wins.

Bayonetta vs Ganondorf

Suggested by Sonic Ganondorf is the king of evil and can certainly defend himself pretty well. His attacks would deal heavy damage if they land, but Bayonetta is far too quick for him. Her attacks also pack a lot of power behind them so Ganondorf will be losing a lot of health with each hit. It’s a match that won’t take very long for Bayonetta to claim victory and Ganondorf doesn’t have a whole lot of options beyond just delaying the inevitable. Bayonetta wins.

Bayonetta vs Villager

Suggested by Sonic Villager is a pretty nice guy who helps keep the peace at his village, but that won’t really help him much against a trained fighter like Bayo. Bayonetta has her gun skills and would be able to land dozens of blows before Villager could even react. That level of power is downright terrifying and Villager has nothing at his disposal to even try and make a comeback. He is simply doomed before he has even started. Bayonetta wins.

Bayonetta vs Samus

Suggested by Sonic Samus is definitely incredibly skilled, but this is one match that she can’t win. Bayonetta’s “bats within” skill will make landing a hit on her very difficult. Samus’ energy attacks will basically be ineffective and while her hand to hand moves could deal some damage, Bayonetta is every bit as fast as Samus if not faster. The bounty hunter is ultimately a little out of her depth in this battle. Bayonetta wins.

Dante vs Bayonetta

Suggested by Anonymous This is definitely a pretty tough match. Both of these combatants are incredibly powerful and there are a lot of similarities in their movesets. Both of them have great healing regeneration and can slow down time to make their speed appear to be even greater than their opponents. Where Dante takes the edge is in how fast his offense is and the fact that his regeneration is definitely superior to Bayonetta’s. In a prolonged battle they will both be taking a lot of damage but Dante will be able to walk off the hits a lot better than she can. Dante wins.

Dark Pit vs Bayonetta

Suggested by Sonic Dark Pit is very powerful, but he’s definitely a little out of his depth here. Bayonetta is way stronger than him and she has a lot of special abilities that make her even more of a threat. She can stop time and can also use her demonic summons as attacks. Causing a giant arm to appear and throw a punch will stop anyone in their tracks. Dark Pit is strong, but I just don’t think he is strong enough. Bayonetta wins.

Newt Scamander vs Bayonetta

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This is a tribute to the Fantastic Beasts film! Newt wasn’t a very good spell caster and I highly doubt that he’ll be taking down any really strong foes in the near future. On the other hand, Bayonetta has defeated many global threats. She may be a witch, but Bayonetta will be the one doing the hunting this time. Newt is far too slow to escape and too weak to put up a struggle. He’s just completely doomed so it’s game over for him. Bayonetta wins.

Bayonetta vs Dust

Dust and Bayonetta are back from their respective wins. Dust has some pretty good powers, but Bayonetta’s speed and gun skills will grant her the win in this round. Dust just couldn’t take her down this time. Maybe Dust will get another match in the future. Bayonetta wins.