Saber vs Gray (Fate)

Gray (Fate) looks a lot like Saber and has similar abilities but those won’t be enough to win here. It is rare that the fake can beat the original after all. Saber still has better speed and power at her disposal which will really make things difficult for Gray. It would be extremely hard for her to keep up with Saber after all and a single strike could be decisive in this match. Gray won’t be able to counter in time. Saber wins.

Saber vs Sans

Suggested by Joemama Sans is definitely a very well known character in Undertale and he did a good job of keeping the main character at bay. His attacks are rather hard to picture in a 3D environment but they would be hard to dodge. Still, Saber is massively faster than Sans to the point where she could end this with a single strike. He has no way to dodge her attack, nor could he endure it. Ultimately that’s why Sans will fall here. Saber wins.

Bayonetta vs Saber

Suggested by Sonic Bayonetta is incredibly fast and also has some solid regenerative abiliites. This will keep her in the mix against Saber for a longer period than she could otherwise, but Saber still has the absolute edge here. Her Excalibur attack would destroy Bayonetta without a trace. Her speed is also crazy enough where Bayonetta would not be able to regenerate quickly enough to match all of the blows. Ultimately that will end up with her defeat as a result. Saber wins.

Saber vs Sophitia

Sophitia is a strong hand to hand fighter, but she is fighting someone who has a tremendous amount of experience. Saber also possesses the superior weapon and physically beats Sophitia in every possible way. One good hit from her Excalibur will mean the end for Sophitia. The latter is certainly a talented fighter, but it just goes to show that there is always someone stronger. Saber’s healing abilities also hurt Sophitia’s chances at making this a close battle. Saber wins.

Caster vs Saber

Caster is back and before we continue the “Caster losing to randomly tough people” arc, let’s go with a quick classic that sees him on the losing side. Saber and Caster had a controversial fight in Fate/Zero that I didn’t agree with. Why was it controversial? Well, Saber was on the losing side and she was teaming up with several other fighters. I can’t say that I buy this for a second since Saber should easily be enough to Caster down. She has the edge in speed and one good hit from her Excalibur will obliterate him. Saber wins.

Saber vs Senor Pink

Senor Pink may act tough, but he would be quickly overwhelmed by Saber’s incredible sword skills. It wouldn’t take her very long to defeat such an opponent so this is basically the end of the road for him. Pink just doesn’t have any attacks at his disposal that would be quick enough to hit Saber. Saber wins.

Saber vs Superman

Superman is very powerful so this will likely be a controversial match, but it’s been a while since I had one of those. Saber’s noble phantasm has enough power to deal major damage to the Man of Steel and her speed is enough so that she will be able to keep up with him. Superman may be able to eradicate solar systems and he is faster than light, but Saber has her sword skills and I believe that Excalibur could definitely pierce through Superman’s defenses. Saber’s short range movement speed is incredible and she would be able to dodge Superman as his combat speed isn’t quite up to par. After a few solid hits, Saber would claim victory. Saber wins.

Saber vs Bass

Saber is technically a power swordswoman, but I can’t say that she looked too good in the original Fate Stay Night anime. Bass is definitely faster and her attack power isn’t high enough to get through his shields. Bass essentially has unlimited power and it would only take a few moments for it to completely overwhelm Saber. Bass wins.