Cattleya vs Sophitia


Suggested by Sonic Cattleya has a solid degree of super strength which will be her main advantage in this fight. It’s reasonable to say that she is slightly stronger than Sophitia physically. That won’t be enough to win here as Sophitia has incredible equipment at her disposal. She also has an interesting energy attack that hits you multiple times in the blink of an eye. It’s hard to say exactly how she performs this technique but that also makes it difficult to stop. Ultimately Cattleya will not be able to fend off such an experienced fighter. Sophitia wins.

Saber vs Sophitia

Sophitia is a strong hand to hand fighter, but she is fighting someone who has a tremendous amount of experience. Saber also possesses the superior weapon and physically beats Sophitia in every possible way. One good hit from her Excalibur will mean the end for Sophitia. The latter is certainly a talented fighter, but it just goes to show that there is always someone stronger. Saber’s healing abilities also hurt Sophitia’s chances at making this a close battle. Saber wins.

Sophitia vs Bass

Sophitia won her first round against Pyrrha, but no fighter stays undefeated on the blog for very long. Bass protects the rankings to ensure that only a few fighters stay up there while the rest have to fight their way to the top by simply outnumbering their losses to a high degree. Sophitia is fast and strong, but she simply can’t defeat someone like Bass. Bass moves massively faster than light, nothing’s going to touch him in this match. Bass wins.

Pyrrha vs Sophitia

This is a pretty close battle that is actually decided by the Warriors Orochi game. Sophitia was actually playable in one of them and naturally this bolstered all of her physical abilities to an incredible level. She went from being a street brawler to a slayer of armies. Pyrrha has obtained great power as well thanks to the Nightmare abilities of the Soul Edge/Calibur, but Pyrrha completely outclasses her in terms of speed and power here. It’s hard to win when you lose in both categories. Sophitia wins.