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Saber vs Sophitia

Sophitia is a strong hand to hand fighter, but she is fighting someone who has a tremendous amount of experience. Saber also possesses the superior weapon and physically beats Sophitia in every possible way. One good hit from her Excalibur will mean the end for Sophitia. The latter is certainly a talented fighter, but it just goes to show that there is always someone stronger. Saber’s healing abilities also hurt Sophitia’s chances at making this a close battle. Saber wins.

6 thoughts on “Saber vs Sophitia”

    1. In that case cutscenes and gameplay mechanics are given the most emphasis. For example, Sophitia guest starred in a beat em up game where her attacks were able to devastate a large area at a time and her physical power got a massive buff. If it was just from Soul Calibur, she would really just be an ordinary human sword fighter with equipment that would put her in the light meta human category. It is definitely tough when they don’t have media to fall back on though.

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