Cattleya vs Sophitia


Suggested by Sonic Cattleya has a solid degree of super strength which will be her main advantage in this fight. It’s reasonable to say that she is slightly stronger than Sophitia physically. That won’t be enough to win here as Sophitia has incredible equipment at her disposal. She also has an interesting energy attack that hits you multiple times in the blink of an eye. It’s hard to say exactly how she performs this technique but that also makes it difficult to stop. Ultimately Cattleya will not be able to fend off such an experienced fighter. Sophitia wins.

Ivy vs Cattleya

Cattleya has returned to the blog to fight once more. She’s up against an 0-2 fighter so this shouldn’t be too hard right? Don’t let Ivy’s record fool you, she’s still more than a match for Cattleya’s limited abilities. Ivy’s a better fighter and her whip allows her to outrange Cattleya while also speedblitzing the opponent with ease. Cattleya just won’t be able to keep up. Ivy wins.

Caldina vs Cattleya

Caldina is pretty good at using illusions to tip the scales of battle in her favor, but that won’t be enough to win this match. Cattleya’s sword skills are impressive and her speed is far more impressive than the average fighter’s. Caldina’s physical attributes are in line with an average person’s and while she may have a slight edge in endurance, she simply won’t be able to stand up to Cattleya for long. Cattleya wins.

Cattleya vs Angel (Girl)

Angel (Girl) wins.
Angel may not have been the strongest fighter back in the day, but she gained some pretty good elemental abilities over the years. She also got some Pym Particles as an added bonus so I don’t see her losing this round. Her fire punches will deal a lot of damage and Cattleya’s sword skills will be no match against that technique. Angel (Girl) wins.