Simon (Gurren Lagann) vs Kaguro

Both of these fighters have proved quite frequently why they are top tier fighters. Still, only one can walk away and I dare say that Simon won’t even need to break a sweat here. Kaguro is a very tough swordsman, but his swords will shatter against Simon’s mech. Simon has the clear size advantage and also has more raw power. Kaguro will have a tough time even trying to dodge such massive attacks and I just don’t think he has any clear lane for victory here. Resistance truly is futile. Simon (Gurren Lagann) wins.


Zero vs Kaguro

Zero is one of the strongest Megaman characters and he has dozens of abilities at his disposal. It is hard to see him being defeated by anyone at Kaguro’s level. Kaguro is skilled, but Zero easily outclasses him in speed as well as raw power. Essentially, anything that Kaguro can do, Zero can do better. The Maverick Hunter is still going strong! Zero wins.

Kaguro vs Bass

Kaguro is back, but if you were expecting a win you may not like this. Bass is the ultimate being in media and can take anyone down when he wants too. None can stop him because he is the ultimate being of power. Bass gets even closer to 160 wins with this match. Can nothing stop him!? Bass wins.

Kaguro vs Branwen

Kaguro has now reached 20 wins. This is a big feat that not many have been able to get too. Branwen cannot stop Kaguro. Kaguro is a high above and wins as much as he wants. Sadly he may not fight again for a while Kaguro wins.

Kaguro vs Arane

Kaguro is back and now has 19 wins. He’s almost reached 20. Then it’ll be time for him to leave for a bit. Arane doesn’t have the powers to stop Kaguro. Kaguro is just too powerful in the end. Kaguro wins.

Kaguro vs Annelotte

Annelotte has a horse and a sword. Sadly for her not even these are enough to take down Kaguro. Kaguro is just too powerful in the end. No one can take him down. Kaguro is nearing 20 wins. Kaguro wins.

Kaguro vs Anarista

Anarista couldn’t handle the power of Kaguro. Kaguro is a high above and can defeat Anarista with ease. Kaguro never loses and that’s why no one dares challenge him. Kaguro is the strongest being in existence. Kaguro wins.

Kaguro vs Alleyne

Alleyne doesn’t have the skills to take Kaguro down. Kaguro is a warrior that is also a high above and never loses. Alleyne is a character that might not come back in the blog. Kaguro always wins in the end. Kaguro wins.

Kaguro vs Alice (Q Blade)

Alice (Q Blade) has a gun and a whip. Kaguro has a sword which would just break those two weapons. Kaguro is not to be underestimated. He cannot be defeated. Kaguro is getting closer to 20 wins. Kaguro wins.

Kaguro vs Aldra

Aldra didn’t stand a chance against Kaguro. Kaguro was just too powerful in the end and doesn’t lose. Aldra has some power and doesn’t age, but that’s just not good enough. Kaguro is a high above. Kaguro wins.