Goku vs Hulk

Okay. I thought I had done this match years ago. Since I hadn’t it’s about time I do it now. Hulk is strong, and since I’m using his strongest version, plus he has Mjolnir…this could get ugly!….not. Goku beats Hulk with a single punch! He barely even needs Super Saiyan. Goku’s just way too powerful for Hulk. Hulk lacks the speed and raw power of Goku. Goku is the saiyan of legend and beats guys like Hulk for breakfast. Goku wins.

Fanfic version below


91 thoughts on “Goku vs Hulk

  1. I am not sure if you have seen Hulk much but picking up Thors hammer with brute strength alone requires some strength that is at the very least close to when Goku was on Namek (Before fighting Frieza and with a times 5 Kaio-Ken at best). Goku still wins though. But it isn’t that easy when you are fighting someone who can pick up a godly enchanted weapon that chooses it’s master simply by out-muscling it. You should verify which versions of Goku you use.

    • Well for the sake of the match it’s the strongest version of both. (Fusions included) So it’s Gogeta SSJ4 vs Cosmic Worldbreaker Hulk. That helps make the fight a bit closer, but while Hulk’s power is definitely intense he’s pretty outclassed speedwise (Though in Cosmic form I think he’s a bit faster) As for Hulk picking up Thor’s hammer…….yeah. I actually don’t mind that he did (Despite all the controversy) but I also figure he should because he’s worthy. Let’s face it, most versions of Hulk are actually good guys. So it’s a good match, but glad you’re also going with Hulk 🙂

      • I didn’t go with the Hulk I just tried to give him some props. Because for one Bruce Banner is worthy. The Hiulk was not. He was pure rage incarnate. Therefore it was through brute force alone that he picked it up. And I don’t think beating Thor up with his own hammer made for a worthy cause when the Hulk was raging in that animated avengers movie.

      • Yeah, that wasn’t really a worthy cause, but sometimes I do find Hulk worthy. He just seems like it. Of course brute strength is a lot more impressive. I really didn’t mind since I always figured he should be able too 🙂 (Though I’m glad you went with Goku)

  2. goku all day hulk is awsome though i have to admit but goku is stronger this would be an exciting match but if goku turns supersaiyn4 it would get intense.it would be hard for hulk to survive the spirit bomb.

  3. lol. the hulk and Gogeta SSJ4 have an armwrestling match.
    hulk will win.
    Gogeta gets up and “blasts a hella big lazah”
    jk. Hulk outmatches Gogeta in pure strengh, no contest.
    the Hulk is the strongest being in all of media. becasue he can get stronger. and by stronger i mean strengh wise. not, all of the above-wise. just as she hulk is the strongest woman in all of media.
    btw i think red hulk is also a version of hulk, because hulk changes color due to his emotion. oh and he can use his strengh in his legs to jump at incredible speeds and the angrier he gets, the smarter he gets.
    but still Gogeta wins this. definatally.

    • Well Red Hulk is General Ross. He’s definitely different. As for She Hulk being the strongest woman…….Wonder Woman’s tougher 😉

      Hulk’s strong, but in raw strength I wouldn’t say he’s stronger than Gohan, much less Goku. Goku’s power’s off the charts 😮 Of course his beams do help him get the win 😀

  4. The hulk has vertually infinite physical strength, even in his “weakest” form. Goku is totally badass and I’d prefer him to him, but I don’t believe his power is enough to best the green giant. The fight, I imagine, would last a very long time. But unlike Goku, the hulk is inexhaustible (not sure if that’s even a word? Haha). The hulk also has incredible resistance to physical damage, and is very resistant to any type of energy blast… This would keep him in the fight a lot longer than others. Hulk has faught beings that were thought to be much stronger and more powerful than him yet came out on top; due to his rage. It is my belief that the hulk would do the same with Goku. Very close battle though.

    • Well the Hulk is extremely powerful, but this is Goku! He’s blown holes in dimensions while in a Kid Body without Super Saiyan. If he channels that kind of power into a punch he can one shot pretty much any character in existence! His energy blasts are easily solar system busters (And that’s at less than 1/100th of his power!) His speed is also a lot better than The Hulk’s. I think the Hulk is tough, but I’ve always found Goku to be on another level. Plus Goku has his Senzu beans 😉

      • I am not too familiar with the hulk canon, but I do know that he gets stronger as he becomes more angry. But if Goku performs a finishing move before Hulk gets too angry, Goku can win. Goku could finish off hulk with ease in two ways. He could use instant transmission to go far away, charge up a universal spirit bomb, then teleport back to earth and unleash it on the hulk, blowing him into smithereens. An alternative is Goku’s other extremely powerful move: the kamehameha x10. Coupled with the super saiyan 4 form and the kaio-ken x20 (in a fight in the other world against pikkon he combined the super saiyan form with the kaio-ken), he could blast hulk into space and into the sun. Even if that didn’t immediately kill the hulk, Hulk would eventually die in space despite the fact that he can survive for long periods of time there. In the end, goku pulls off the victory by a decent margin.

      • Yeah, I agree. Goku is just supremely powerful and pretty much no opponent can take him down! He’s one of the strongest beings in media

  5. This is comparing Apples and Oranges, Goku from the beginning of DBZ is enough to beat the Hulk (don’t forget Master Roshi destroyed a moon with a power level of 139) Goku at the start of DBZ w/o powering up has a powerlevel of 400 (so imagine what he could do in the later sagas). When he battled Freiza he had a power level of 15 million. After the fight with Freiza power levels were unknown as they were no longer recorded. I highly doubt Hulk could deal with Goku’s speed, and you guys forget something Saiyans get stronger as they fight too, it’s not only the Hulk.

    • Yes, I agree with those statements fully. You’re right that Goku should be able to defeat the Hulk from the beginning of Z. He was still a pretty great fighter. Since he now has up to Super Saiyan 4 you can just imagine what his power level would be! Hulk’s pretty much doomed 🙂

  6. Goku all the way. If Hulk has been KO’ed by the likes of Wolverine, Blackbolt, Juggernaut, and even been killed by Storm, then I’m pretty sure that a Saiyan who became immortal by fusing with Shenron, and thanks to his Saiyan DnA, gets stronger the more he fights. If you beat a Saiyan near death but don’t kill him/her, then they almost immediately become stronger than what beat them down, even without training. My point: Hulk’s toast in that fight.

    • Yeah, Hulk’s been beaten so many times in the past it’s not even funny. I agree that Goku wins this match pretty handily. He has the speed advantage and could also spam his Kamehameha waves

  7. Plus Hulk can ONLY pick up Thor’s Mjolnir with brute strength. Banner is a good and worthy man, Hulk is pure rage, and thus is not. If Goku wanted to, however, he could being that he is truly pure at heart. If he wasn’t pure at heart, or has too much rage and anger and wanted to just kill whoever he was battling, he couldn’t use the Spirit Bomb. I’m Jus’ Saiyan…

    • Yeah, Goku’s definitely pure of heart (Til Arc 3 anyway. Then things get a bit iffy) Either way he could also lift it with brute strength if he wanted too. He’s a Saiyan from Earth and knows the score. There are very few who can even hope to take him on!

  8. it would be a truly awe inspiring fight but Hulk would win and this is coming from a DBZ diehard fan. Hulk’s unlimited physical strength and the ability to withstand almost any attack would wear Goku down until he eventually gives up happy that he had just faced the true ‘strongest there is’

    • Well, Hulk is immensely powerful and his physical power is great, but I think Goku’s big advantage would be his speed. With it, he could stay afar and spam energy blast after energy blast, but that wouldn’t really be the saiyan way. I could see him engaging against Hulk in close quarters combat and using his expert martial arts skills to turn the tide. He’d definitely be having a blast, fighting someone as powerful as Hulk though

      • No worries, I’m always happy to see a comment, whether it’s on a new post or an old one. A truly epic battle like Goku vs Hulk will never grow too old

      • indeed

        i’m very 50/50 on the outcome but i have to go with the Hulk, he’d resist the majority of Goku’s ki energy attacks and heal what actually hurt him, Goku would end up surrendering to calm Hulk down before he destroyed the Earth

      • Well, one tough part for Hulk would be if Goku shot the kamehameha. Even if it wouldn’t destroy Hulk, it would likely blast him off of the planet. He’s definitely at a disadvantage in the air since he can’t fly. Of course if he needs to, then Goku can activate his super saiyan mode as well

      • fair point but the thing is though Hulk can survive in space whilst Goku can last for as long as he can hold his breath, Hulk also just needs to grab onto some space junk in the orbit and use it to ricochet back to Earth

      • Well, Goku can hold his breath for a pretty long time (in the anime anyway thanks to a lot of talking and powering up) but with his speed it shouldn’t be too hard to keep on going back and forth. Well, for Hulk that would work..if Goku weren’t around. Goku would just keep on changing his trajectory through ki blasts and kamehamehas, to ensure that he would never make it back to earth. All the while draining his health until he goes down

      • another fair point but note that Hulk has the fastest healing rate in Marvel joint with Deadpools, even if a Ki blast cuts through his skin it would heal in seconds, Goku needs Senzu beans to heal instantly and a punch from Hulk would shatter his bones, Hulk also has superhuman reflexes and can move at 250mph from standing point if he wants to so he could catch Goku’s fist, crush it then break all of his ribs with another punch

      • Well, I think you’re underestimating Goku’s attack power and defense. I’d say he’s every bit as tough as Hulk physically, so I don’t see his bones being broken so easily. Stopping Goku’s fist in itself will be tough. If it comes down to a hand to hand fight, my money would be on Goku with his speed and martial arts mastery. Once Hulk’s in space, Goku can just charge up the spirit bomb and send it flying. One hit vaporizes the opponent, so not even the healing factor would be enough to regenerate from such an attack. If need be, Goku can scatter his parts, making it impossible to regenerate

      • i never underestimate Goku, in my eyes he is the universes greatest hero and one of the large group of heroes that could put beings like Superman in his place, i just believe that Hulk is easily his match if not more, Goku can take a lot but Hulk can destroy the indestructible through pure force alone, he can crack planets just by walking whilst Goku cannot destroy planets through strength alone, Hulk has withstood energy attacks that destroyed all others instantly and when Banner is turned off Hulk is truly unstoppable

        if he fused with Vegeta then yeah Hulk is doomed but on his own Goku would eventually fall to the emerald giant

        the only being i believe that can truly destroy Hulk is Dr. Manhattan as he controls the very fabric of creation and life

      • Well, Goku has never had the chance to blow up a planet with a punch. I definitely think he could do it, since he blew up Janemba and Hirudegarn with a single punch. Not to mention that he also lidted up a city in GT. Hulk has endured some tough energy attacks, but since Ironman’s can still hurt him, and Goku’s kamehameha from the Cell games was a solar system destroyer, I don’t think that even the Hulk can endure an attack like that.

        Dr Manhattan is definitely a tough character (Reminds me of Tabuu from SSBB) For me I’d put Bass EXE as the strongest character in all of media

      • yeah, gonna have to disagree with you on that one, a Megaman character would never stand up to the strongest of Marvel and DBZ in my opinion

        yeah the attacks would hurt Hulk but would also piss him off only making him more powerful, i’ve watched every episode of Dragonball, DBZ and GT and i know exactly what Goku can do, energy wise and fighting style wise he is the best but in strength and durability Hulk rains surpreme and in that fight it’s the one that can take the hardest hits and in that fight Hulk can take those hits before delivering even harder ones

      • In most incarnations they could never go up against DBZ, but they were extremely amped up in the manga. From normal tier characters to high tiers with Faster Than Light abilities and even planetary threats.

        Well, Hulk wouldn’t have much time to get mad since one Kamehameha could likely take him down. Super Saiyan 2 Goku’s kamehameha is a solar system destroyer. At SSJ3 he’s 4 times stronger and then you add enother 2-4x for Super Saiyan 4. Hulk can survive a planet blowing up (but it would knock him out) but a solar system destroying blast would definitely disintegrate him.

        Aside from taking hits, a close combat fight depends on how many times you get hit. With Goku’s superior hand to hand skills and speed, Hulk won’t be landing many (if any) hits on Goku. Goku can also teleport to throw Hulk off balance as well. Plus if he uses Kaioken, his power and speed spike

      • that’s fair but my opinion won’t be changed

        i think we should end this discussion here before we get pissed off, it was nice talking to someone who didn’t through a hissy fit the moment i stated a different opinion

      • Goku will always have my support, he earned his place as Earth’s greatest hero

        what did Superman do? land by complete accident and then was suddenly the most overpowered being in existence that everyone loved

        Goku trained every single day of his life to be powerful, all Superman does is sit in his fortress of solitude brooding over ‘how terrible it is to be him’ then shows up to beat up petty criminals

      • Yeah, Superman definitely didn’t have to go through all of the tough work that Goku had to go through. It would be nice to see Superman train a little more so we could at least see his dedication. That’s why he definitely doesn’t have the same level of battle experience

      • plus he’s just a brawler with no technique, he just swings his fists blindly relying on his speed to hit the opponent before they can dodge, that’s why he can’t hit the Flash, he’s too fast not to dodge Superman

        with that knowledge Goku would sidestep every one of Superman’s punches and his eye lasers would barely tickle the Saiyan

        on that note i’m currently writing a Deadliest warrior on DeviantArt for Goku vs Superman

      • Yeah, in most incarnations that can get a bit annoying. Imagine how deadly he would be with some expert hand to hand knowledge! In one version Mongul II taught him some hand to hand combat which was cool..now if only Superman would practice.

        Yeah, Goku’s martial art mastery would definitely come in handy. Cool, sounds like fun. It’ll be good to have a new Goku vs Superman pic in the world. For a while there I hadn’t seen any new ones online

      • Ah, I gotcha. Yeah, I’m not much of an artist myself. Writing’s definitely fun. I write a fight myself once a week. Well, I guess I know who’ll be winning in your fight

      • indeed 🙂

        i have 11 fights up already, my DeviantArt account is Garchompisbeast

        why don’t you have a look at them? 🙂

      • Oh, I tried commenting on DA, but it said I need an account. I checked out the Wolverine vs Dark Vader match and attempted to write this

        “That was a good fight. I think Wolverine definitely makes for a good opponent against Darth Vader. Wolverine’s definitely better in close combat and while he sometimes likes to rely on his healing factor, he’s definitely great at hand to hand combat. I think I would still go for Darth Vader in the end after a long, hard fight, but with Wolverine’s healing factor, it would definitely be a looooong fight.

        The Deadliest Warrior battles is definitely a fun battle series and I’ll also be on the lookout for your next one when it comes out”

      • thanks m8 🙂

        i’m writing Ichigo Kurosaki vs Ghost Rider after i do Goku vs Superman

      • Cool, two good fights in a row to look forward too. I’m always up for a good anime fight (even if just one of them is anime, it’s still epic!)

      • Yeah, that’s understandable. Either way time is on our side right now. Got a lot of years left before it’s time to throw in the towel

      • Yeah, we’ll have some exciting ones! I’ll also make sure to find Goku and Hulk some good matches in the future

  9. Hulk vs Goku is an endless battle and there is no other battle that can top it. Hulk puts Goku down Goku gets stronger, Goku gets Hulk mad he gets stronger. So there would be no winner because this epic battle would destroy the world.

    • It’s definitely an intense battle. Both fighters do keep on getting stronger and unlocking new forms. Goku now has his Super Saiyan 3 God Mode form as well, which was a significant power boost. I still think Goku’s speed would provide him with an edge though

  10. First and foremost, the hulk wouldn’t land a hit on goku between his unrivaled techniques to his speed/insta transmission. Although goku is one to push opponents to their very limit even if the hulk got to strong goku could easily hit him with a full blown blast and destroy hulk down to the last atom. And still unless he allowed it not even take a hit from the hulk.

    • Agreed, the speed difference is much too vast here. The Hulk would look like he was moving in slow motion to someone like Goku and I’m also positive that Goku’s hits would do massive damage to the Hulk. It helps that Goku keeps on getting new form after new form.

  11. Hulk. Goku may be faster by echelons but he still has to strike. And Hulk’s got his healing factor and tough armor to hold up. That’s all ignoring the anger mechanic.

    • I don’t know, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan God mode is very powerful and I’d say that Goku is physically superior to the Hulk at this point. Add in the speed advantage and it gets ugly very fast!

  12. Biggest mismatch ever. Goku in his base form now is as Strong if not Stronger than his Super Saiyan God Form when he fought Beerus in Dragonball Super. He would obliterate the Hulk in base a complete 1 shot and beyond. Goku has universal punches. Hulk can’t tank his punches.

      • So true glad to see that this blog is still around. I have missed it so much. Definitely the #1 blog out there for fights. Are you a part of any of the versus groups on Google+ by any chance?

      • Thanks! No, I’m not really on Google+. Honestly, I probably just don’t have the time. Even just juggling in the reviews and fights along with the rest of life can be tricky, but I’m still super working on trying to get the battles up more consistently like in the good ole days.

  13. This is an interesting match. It’s funny because I saw a video about someone explaining that there are tons of Hulk versions. I think someone mentioned that World Breaker Hulk and the early Hulk comics are the strongest versions since they have enough power to destroy a planet, a universe and I heard in the World War Hulk comics, he took on the Marvel heroes alone.

    • Yeah, World Breaker Hulk is definitely crazy. I believe he broke a planet with a single blow. At his strongest it’s easy to see why he is known as one of Marvel’s most powerful fighters of all time. That’s why Goku needs to take advantage of his speed here

      • Yeah that’s what people are saying. Hulk has tons of power to inflict damage on the galaxy. Goku is strong too, but he is faster and can transform in order to boost himself.

  14. I admit hulk comes close to physical strength since he can destroy planets. But goku has gone through a lot more. But it would still be a good fight.

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