Gladiator vs Hulk

Suggested by Sonic The Hulk is a powerful foe to be sure and one of the most intense beings to ever walk the Marvel universe. He’s got no shot against the Gladiator though. Gladiator has super speed and can fly, two attributes that make him significantly more of a threat to Hulk than the other way around. Sure, Hulk in his strongest versions is more powerful than Gladiator but his speed is never on the same tier. Gladiator will absolutely speedblitz him all the way through to the end. Gladiator wins.

Eijiro Kirishima vs Hulk

Suggested by iKnowledge Eijiro Kirishima makes his debut onto the blog with this fight. He’s definitely a solid fighter from Class1A and while he doesn’t match up to the Big 3, he is one of the stronger kids in the class. In a pure fist fight the Hulk would likely be able to outmuscle him but Kirishima’s speed is much greater. That’s what is going to give him the edge in this fight because the Hulk just won’t be able to catch him. These two are on different levels in speed and that’s a weakness that Kirishima can exploit. Hulk’s regeneration will not be enough to keep him in for good. Eijiro Kirishima wins.

Rock Lee vs Hulk

Suggested by iKnowledge In his Maestro form, the Hulk gained great abilities and became one of the stronger fighters in Marvel. His physical strength is considerable but the main issue is that he won’t be fast enough to damage Rock Lee. Rock Lee moves with incredible speeds and will always manage to be one step ahead of the guy. His kicks will also deal massive damage and the Hulk just won’t be able to get up from those blows. Rock Lee wins.

Hulk vs Endeavor

Suggested by iKnowledge Endeavor is the number 2 hero in MHA and definitely one of the stronger ones. Whether you consider the guy to be a hero or not, he has definitely mastered his flame abilities. The Hulk can take a lot of punishment, but not enough to come out on top here. Endeavor’s speed is far greater and his attacks will be able to overload Hulk’s healing factor. Hulk’s stamina will keep him in the mix for a lot longer than he would have been otherwise but at the end of the day he’ll still be going down and isn’t fast enough to land true counter blows. Endeavor wins.

Dante vs Hulk

Suggested by Anonymous The Hulk may be known as the strongest there is, but that’s certainly not going to be enough against Dante. Dante’s got a lot of speed under his belt and that will work against raw power any day of the week. Hulk’s punches will also deal damage, but it’ll be repaired almost instantly thanks to Dante’s crazy healing. Hulk will either get tired out first or Dante will get bored and just end the green behemoth. Either way it’s game over. Dante wins.

Dio Brando vs Hulk

Suggested by Random The Hulk is very strong and gets more dangerous the longer the fight goes on. That being said, he is really not good at dealing with speed and he can be knocked out before he has a chance to grow stronger. Hulk will start at his strongest here either way, but the speed factor is just too much to be ignored. Dio would be able to end this fight very quickly. Dio Brando wins.

Krul Tepes vs Hulk

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Krul may not look like she has the physical strength needed to take down someone like the Hulk, but don’t count her out just because the vampire looks like a kid. Krul has a lot of speed at her disposal and is simply a lethal fighter. It would not be very difficult for her to speed blitz the Hulk and land some lethal hits in an instant. The Hulk can heal fairly well, but not enough to compensate for how many times she will be hitting him. The Hulk just doesn’t have a chance here. Krul Tepes wins.

Yami Yugi vs Hulk

Suggested by Super Dark Shadow Hulk may not be the bravest Marvel hero, but he is still one of their stronger fighters. When it comes to raw power few can beat him, but Yami Yugi still has a quality monster army at his disposal that will prove to be too much for him. The best part is that he can also use run and gun tactics to chip away at Hulk’s health and his spell and trap cards will at least slow down the Green Goliath down a bit. Yami Yugi wins.

Captain Axis vs Hulk

It’s time to take a look at one of Hulk’s oldest foes. Captain Axis was actually a fairly strong villain who was able to match Hulk blow for blow. His strength is indeed formidable when you consider how powerful the Hulk is. Still, Hulk’s strength keeps increasing while Captain Axis remains stagnant. That means that as the fight goes on Hulk will begin to take the clear advantage. Captain Axis will be left in the dust by that point. Hulk wins.

Sonic vs Hulk

Suggested by Anonymous Hulk Smash! That’s one of those sayings that you are used to hearing all around the world. It’s just such a classic term and it reminds you of the old days where power levels were simpler. Hulk was one of the strongest characters, that’s just how it was. Unfortunately we are no longer in that era and now we have speedsters like Sonic who can run rings around the hulk. Super Sonic form would end this match in a heartbeat. Sonic wins.