Eijiro Kirishima vs Rangiku

Suggested by iKnowledge Kirishima’s very proud of his iron defense and it has come through for him many times in the past. The issue here is that it can be chipped and broken with repeated attacks. Rangiku’s strength isn’t enough where she can do this immediately but with her speed and flurry of blows she will break through. In the meantime Kirishima isn’t nearly fast enough to do much of anything about this and will end up being completely overwhelmed with no way to fight back. Rangiku wins.

Eijiro Kirishima vs Bakugo

Eijiro Kirishima has super durability which is definitely useful but I have my doubts on if it could get past Bakugo’s explosives. Eijiro would fall and even if he could make it past a barrage or two, he would still be outsped right from the jump. That is the power behind true explosives! Kirishima can’t deal any damage with Bakugo blasting himself around the place and that explosive power is nothing to sneeze at. Bakugo wins.

Eijiro Kirishima vs Hulk

Suggested by iKnowledge Eijiro Kirishima makes his debut onto the blog with this fight. He’s definitely a solid fighter from Class1A and while he doesn’t match up to the Big 3, he is one of the stronger kids in the class. In a pure fist fight the Hulk would likely be able to outmuscle him but Kirishima’s speed is much greater. That’s what is going to give him the edge in this fight because the Hulk just won’t be able to catch him. These two are on different levels in speed and that’s a weakness that Kirishima can exploit. Hulk’s regeneration will not be enough to keep him in for good. Eijiro Kirishima wins.