Eijiro Kirishima vs Bakugo

Eijiro Kirishima has super durability which is definitely useful but I have my doubts on if it could get past Bakugo’s explosives. Eijiro would fall and even if he could make it past a barrage or two, he would still be outsped right from the jump. That is the power behind true explosives! Kirishima can’t deal any damage with Bakugo blasting himself around the place and that explosive power is nothing to sneeze at. Bakugo wins.

Bakugo vs Popcorn

There were a lot of comparisons to Bakugo when Popcorn came out and for good reason. They both have an explosion ability, a similar hairstyle, and the same black tank top. That said, Bakugo is far more powerful with the feats that he has shown so far. It would be very difficult for Popcorn to even try and keep up with him. These two are just on different levels and I’d trust Bakugo’s speed under pressure more than Popcorn’s. Bakugo wins.

Noelle vs Bakugo

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for a battle of fire and water. Well, Bakugo’s ability is technically not fire if you want to get really specific but it’s close enough with the whole explosions angle. The main reason why he will fall in this battle is due to Noelle’s incredible speed. Bakugo is versatile in the air as well but not to the same degree and is lacking in overall firepower. He would need some more super forms to pull out a win here. Noelle wins.

Manchester Black vs Bakugo

Suggested by iKnowledge At one time Manchester Black may have been able to give Bakugo a good fight. His mental abilities do work pretty well as a substitute for strength to the point where Manchester was able to mess with Superman pretty well until the Man of Steel got serious. That said, Bakugo has really been improving his explosive abilities and thanks to a power up he got in one of the movies there is no way that Manchester would be able to do much here. He would be completely overwhelmed in both speed and power before going down. Bakugo wins.

Bakugo vs Nighthawk

Nighthawk is a pretty smart fighter. In a way he’s sort of like a weaker Batman from Marvel. The guy may not be quite as smart as the Dark Knight but he is still a genius in his own right and looked pretty good in Avengers Assemble. He can take out some guns and tech to try and stop Bakugo, but ultimately they will all be futile. Nighthawk just doesn’t have what it takes to defeat an opponent of Bakugo’s caliber. It’s just not happening and he would need a big power up to try and make it close. Bakugo wins.

Bakugo vs Vegeta

Vegeta is the Prince of all Saiyans and a man of great pride. Much like Bakugo, Vegeta holds himself to a very high standard. I think these two would not get along although they would respect each other’s passion. That said, their power levels are in a completely different league. Vegeta can end the whole universe in an instant, Bakugo would have a hard enough time ending the planet. Vegeta is also much faster than Bakugo so that really ends the fight. Vegeta wins.

Bakugo vs Gordie

Gordie is a pretty tough Pokemon fighter. He’s got several rock Pokemon and even a random Shuckle at his disposal. Everyone knows that you don’t want to mess with Shuckle, but Bakugo’s still got this in the bag. He will have to fight carefully here with a lot of hit and run tactics, but that won’t be a problem for him. You also have to account for the fact that Bakugo got a considerable power up in the big MHA movie which further widens the gap between him and Gordie. Bakugo wins.

Dazzler vs Bakugo

Dazzler is a pretty capable fighter who uses her lights in a way that actually works as an offensive attack. She can concentrate it into energy form and blast away at her opponents. That won’t be enough to stop Bakugo though. His explosive abilities will help him block out the light and it also gives him great combat speed. It will take everything Dazzler has at her disposal in order to keep up with him. Ultimately she just won’t be able to last very long. Bakugo wins.

Bakugo vs Korra

Suggested by iKnowledge Korra is a very talented fighter who has mastery over all the elements and is good at hand to hand combat. Her explosive abilities should give Bakugo some trouble for most of the fight. She can effectively block all of his blasts for a little while. That being said, Bakugo got a pretty good power up in the movie which really amped up his abilities. Now he can break through all of her techniques with sheer power so she won’t be able to stand up to him for long. Bakugo wins.