Bakugo vs Nighthawk

Nighthawk is a pretty smart fighter. In a way he’s sort of like a weaker Batman from Marvel. The guy may not be quite as smart as the Dark Knight but he is still a genius in his own right and looked pretty good in Avengers Assemble. He can take out some guns and tech to try and stop Bakugo, but ultimately they will all be futile. Nighthawk just doesn’t have what it takes to defeat an opponent of Bakugo’s caliber. It’s just not happening and he would need a big power up to try and make it close. Bakugo wins.

Nighthawk vs Lex Luthor

Suggested by iKnowledge Nighthawk is a guy who’s definitely had some good character arcs over the years. He started out as a two bit villain and eventually became a hero that you could rely on. He’s not particularly powerful though and Lex has had many super forms over the years. Lex merged with Brainiac on one occasion after all and he got Superman’s powers at another time. It wouldn’t take him long to think up a plan to take out Nighthawk with. The guy needs a big power up to match Lex. Lex Luthor wins.