Bakugo vs Vegeta

Vegeta is the Prince of all Saiyans and a man of great pride. Much like Bakugo, Vegeta holds himself to a very high standard. I think these two would not get along although they would respect each other’s passion. That said, their power levels are in a completely different league. Vegeta can end the whole universe in an instant, Bakugo would have a hard enough time ending the planet. Vegeta is also much faster than Bakugo so that really ends the fight. Vegeta wins.

Seiuchin vs Vegeta

Seiuchin may have won his first round, but he’ll find that Vegeta is too powerful of an opponent to overcome. Wrestling techniques won’t work on a Saiyan who could end the entire universe on a whim. Vegeta’s abilities are just on a completely different level and that’s something that Seiuchin is going to learn very quickly. The Prince of All Saiyans isn’t even going to need to go Super Saiyan to win this round. Vegeta wins.

Vegeta vs Namora

Namora is very skilled under the water. Saiyans can’t breathe when submerged so she could maybe win if she keeps Vegeta down there long enough, but it’s not the most practical plan as he could just break the Earth underneath it to drain the water. Vegeta is effectively invincible so defeating him is simply out of the question for most fighters. I’m afraid that Namora would not be able to do all that much here. Vegeta wins.

Vegeta vs Isaac

Isaac is one of the legendary RPG fighters who knows how to fight in many different styles. Give him a blade or his fists and Isaac will churn out a win either way. Alas, he won’t be able to defeat Vegeta. Just having access to light type abilities isn’t enough to beat a true Super Saiyan of legend. The gap in their raw power is too significant and the same can be said about their speed. Vegeta wins.

Lucemon vs Vegeta

Lucemon has mastery over darkness while most of Vegeta’s attacks are light based. It’s a nice contrast in their moveset, but at the end of the day the critical factor here is simply that Vegeta is way more powerful than Lucemon. Lucemon can’t hope to grasp the limits of Vegeta’s powers, nor would he stay in the match long enough to truly comprehend them. A Saiyan is simply not to be messed with. Vegeta wins.

Mordru vs Vegeta

Vegeta is back once again and it’s looking like he has been able to rack up a ton of wins lately. Mordru definitely isn’t ready for this kind of power and a whole lifetime of training wouldn’t be sufficient. Vegeta is simply a rare find. He’s a being who is one of the strongest in the multiverse and I doubt that’ll change anytime soon. He never stops training after all so it’s not like he would get lazy or anything. Transforming only helps him become stronger and stronger and now he is one of the few fighters on the site to reach 100 wins. Vegeta wins.

Ky Kiske vs Vegeta

Vegeta continues his string of victories in this latest match. Ky is a pretty good fighter and he certainly will do his best not to give Vegeta any openings. That being said, it won’t be enough to stop this Prince. Vegeta is simply way too powerful and won’t be going down anytime soon. As always he can win with a single hit here. Ky isn’t ready to deal with universal monsters like Vegeta. Vegeta wins.

Petey Piranha vs Vegeta

Petey Piranha is a pretty big Mario enemy who does have a good amount of super strength at his disposal. He may be slow, but he has managed to be a thorn in Mario’s side for a long time. Vegeta won’t have a problem here so long as he goes all out from the start. He can lay waste to the planet without even being nearby and there won’t really be anything that Petey can do against him. Even if Vegeta decides to stay up close and personal, his defense is too high to be pierced. Vegeta wins.

Ford Brody vs Vegeta

Ford Brody is a very capable guy who can fight in hand to hand combat or with his gun. Either way he is ready for the average opponent. That being said, he isn’t quite ready to go after someone like Vegeta. Just think about it for a moment, how do you hope to beat someone like Vegeta? Vegeta has enough power to wipe out all living things in the solar system. That kind of power doesn’t come cheap nor can it be stopped so easily. This is the end of the road for Ford. Vegeta wins.

Melter vs Vegeta

The Melter’s whole gimmick is that his flames can melt away at you, but it won’t mean much when you consider that Vegeta’s aura can block any attack that is thrown his way. Vegeta can easily bust the planet as well to avoid even having to bother dodging/blocking. The Melter just isn’t in the same league as this Saiyan and so he never had a chance from the start. One attack will end this. Vegeta wins.