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Lucemon vs Vegeta

Lucemon has mastery over darkness while most of Vegeta’s attacks are light based. It’s a nice contrast in their moveset, but at the end of the day the critical factor here is simply that Vegeta is way more powerful than Lucemon. Lucemon can’t hope to grasp the limits of Vegeta’s powers, nor would he stay in the match long enough to truly comprehend them. A Saiyan is simply not to be messed with. Vegeta wins.

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Rugal Bernstein vs Lucemon

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa Lucemon was always a very impressive Digimon. His abilities are truly magnificent in his ultimate form. He has enough raw power to contend with Mega level Digimon and his speed is also uncanny. As he possesses both light and dark, it’s difficult for any enemy to be able to counter him. Rugal is quick and an expert in hand to hand combat, but the difference in destructive ability will be his downfall here. He is simply unable to dish out nearly as much power as Lucemon and won’t be able to defend against all of it. Lucemon wins.