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Lucemon vs Vegeta

Lucemon has mastery over darkness while most of Vegeta’s attacks are light based. It’s a nice contrast in their moveset, but at the end of the day the critical factor here is simply that Vegeta is way more powerful than Lucemon. Lucemon can’t hope to grasp the limits of Vegeta’s powers, nor would he stay in the match long enough to truly comprehend them. A Saiyan is simply not to be messed with. Vegeta wins.

4 thoughts on “Lucemon vs Vegeta”

  1. If Digimon can survive on other worlds than Earth, even Lucemon has no chance, from what I know of Digimon and their powers. I’d give Al Bundy a better chance against the Coachman from Pinocchio, a Kangal Dog vs a Tiger, Kirito a better chance against Rodan, and Howard Aguello better odds against a silverback Gorilla.

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