Rugal Bernstein vs Lucemon

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa Lucemon was always a very impressive Digimon. His abilities are truly magnificent in his ultimate form. He has enough raw power to contend with Mega level Digimon and his speed is also uncanny. As he possesses both light and dark, it’s difficult for any enemy to be able to counter him. Rugal is quick and an expert in hand to hand combat, but the difference in destructive ability will be his downfall here. He is simply unable to dish out nearly as much power as Lucemon and won’t be able to defend against all of it. Lucemon wins.

5 thoughts on “Rugal Bernstein vs Lucemon

  1. Yup, i can see Lucemon winning this. Lucemon in his Rookie form might be able to defeat Rugal Bernstein. (before he’s Omega Rugal) But Lucemon Larva might murder Rugal, even if he’s Omega Rugal, in my opinion. Honestly, these battles make me wish there was a Digimon x KoF crossover or something, they both have really great games, and amazing interesting characters who are strong so, i don’t see why they shouldn’t have a crossover…

    • Agreed, Lucemon is just crazy powerful and even in Rugal’s strongest forms I ultimately think he would be outmatched. Still, Rugal definitely won’t go down without a fight. I’d definitely get a crossover game like that day 1

      • Yup, there are a lot of powerful Digimon so, i don’t think Rugal can really win most of them that easily, especially since some seem to be strong enough to destroy a world or something which i don’t think some KoF characters are close to.
        Yeah, i’d love KoF x Digimon crossover. A game or a movie or something, i love both series.

      • For sure, Digimon’s definitely got some real planet busters who are extremely OP. I can’t think of any KOF fighter at planetary level either and only a few can probably breath in space so that would get tricky for them

    • Yup, most of Digimon can defeat a lot of KoF bosses, especially Magaki and Orochi, i can imagine. Digimon are awesome and strong! Though i wouldn’t underestimate KoF either, it’s pretty fun fighting game series and i like it a bit more than SF.

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