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Rugal Bernstein vs Lucemon

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa Lucemon was always a very impressive Digimon. His abilities are truly magnificent in his ultimate form. He has enough raw power to contend with Mega level Digimon and his speed is also uncanny. As he possesses both light and dark, it’s difficult for any enemy to be able to counter him. Rugal is quick and an expert in hand to hand combat, but the difference in destructive ability will be his downfall here. He is simply unable to dish out nearly as much power as Lucemon and won’t be able to defend against all of it. Lucemon wins.

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Myotismon vs Rugal Bernstein

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa It’s time for a battle of villains who channel dark power. Rugal is an expert hand to hand fighter and can fire energy blasts to keep his opponents at a distance. He’s also quick and has the edge over Myotismon in speed. However, Myotismon has 2 more Digievolutions which he can use to gain the advantage. In his Perfect form his offensive cannons are far too strong to be blocked or deflected. He can also fire enough attacks to ensure that Rugal doesn’t dodge all of them. Ultimately Rugal will just have to bow down to these powerful attacks. Myotismon wins.