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Myotismon vs Rugal Bernstein

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa It’s time for a battle of villains who channel dark power. Rugal is an expert hand to hand fighter and can fire energy blasts to keep his opponents at a distance. He’s also quick and has the edge over Myotismon in speed. However, Myotismon has 2 more Digievolutions which he can use to gain the advantage. In his Perfect form his offensive cannons are far too strong to be blocked or deflected. He can also fire enough attacks to ensure that Rugal doesn’t dodge all of them. Ultimately Rugal will just have to bow down to these powerful attacks. Myotismon wins.


5 thoughts on “Myotismon vs Rugal Bernstein”

  1. If Myotismon Digivolves into VenomMyotismon or MaloMyotismon, it would be more difficult for Rugal to defeat him, but maybe Omega Rugal could at least damage him.
    In my opinion, they are the most classic villains of both fandoms and are awesome and powerful, so it would be really cool to see them battle

    1. Definitely, it’s a fun battle of darkness. Rugal definitely won’t want to waste time getting into his Omega form. That’ll definitely help him deal more damage and evade attacks better to prolong the fight

      1. Yeah, it woud be an epic battle of two awesome villains. MaloMyotismon or VenomMyotismon might make the battle between two even more fun.

      2. Yes!
        Really strong character vs really strong character battes are the best and the most fun, it’s really fun to face a strong opponent

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