Two Headed King Rex vs Myotismon

Suggested by Sonic Two Headed King Rex is definitely one of the OG Yugioh fighters. This guy was actually considered to be a pretty powerful threat back in the day. He is still pretty strong but still outmatched here. Raw power is all that King Rex has going for him in addition to his fire blasts. Myotismon has several Digievolutions at his disposal and I could also make the case that he is naturally stronger and faster than Rex right from the jump. When you put all of that into perspective, King Rex just doesn’t stand a chance here. Myotismon wins.

Myotismon vs Kurata

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa It’s time for a battle of villains. Kurata is tough thanks to his robot and the fact that he was commanding Belphemon by taking control of his body. Meanwhile Myotismon has had several Mega forms over the years which are typically pretty large, but still quick enough to fight back. It’s definitely a close one, but I’ll give Kurata the edge here. Myotismon’s lack of speed will likely be his downfall here. Kurata wins.

Myotismon vs Vegeta

Myotismon is a fierce Digimon who has many super forms. His abilities only seem to grow with each new incarnation, but he is not yet at the level where he can hope to stop Vegeta. Vegeta can end the whole galaxy in a single shot. There’s also no attack at Myotismon’s disposal which could cause him any significant injury. As such, victory is all but guaranteed for the Saiyan. Vegeta wins.

Myotismon vs Rugal Bernstein

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa It’s time for a battle of villains who channel dark power. Rugal is an expert hand to hand fighter and can fire energy blasts to keep his opponents at a distance. He’s also quick and has the edge over Myotismon in speed. However, Myotismon has 2 more Digievolutions which he can use to gain the advantage. In his Perfect form his offensive cannons are far too strong to be blocked or deflected. He can also fire enough attacks to ensure that Rugal doesn’t dodge all of them. Ultimately Rugal will just have to bow down to these powerful attacks. Myotismon wins.