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Kyo Kusanagi vs Infernape

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa Kyo Kusanagi is one of the main characters in the King of Fighters franchise and is a very accomplished hand to hand fighter. I’d certainly trust his pure combat skills over Infernape’s. He’s honed them over many years and is just more experienced. Where Infernape takes the edge is his special abilities. He has a lot of long range options and physical techniques to bolster his strength. Kyo will have a hard time landing any direct hits in this fight and that’s where Infernape will be able to take advantage and secure the win. Infernape wins.


7 thoughts on “Kyo Kusanagi vs Infernape”

      1. I wouldn’t say Kyo is bad either though, but he would be able to put a finger on Infernape though. Defeating him is another story, Infernape has a lot of cool moves.

      2. Absolutely, Kyo would get his shots in, especially as Infernape would likely want to test his combat skills. Still, once this Pokemon gets serious then it’s really hard to take him down

      3. Very true. Defeating Infernape won’t be an easy task for Kyo. Considering fire attacks aren’t very effective against fire Pokemon, i don’t think Kyo’s flames will hurt Infernape that much

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