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Shiki Ryougi vs Jaden

Shiki has enhanced physical abilities and can effectively see a target’s death which helps with predicting their next movements. It won’t help with Jaden though because she won’t be able to see his death ahead of time. Jaden won’t be losing this round. He has too many monsters, spells, and traps at his disposal for him to possibly lose this round. Jaden’s in prime position to secure a victory here and Shiki would need a stroke of luck to cause an upset. Jaden wins.

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Rugal Bernstein vs Shiki Ryougi

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa Shiki is a skilled fighter who is proficient at several roles. She can fight from close or long range. Rugal has the ability to copy any fighting style and is naturally gifted with energy augmented attacks. He’s fairly quick so he will be able to keep this match close, but I believe Shiki’s speed will be more than he can handle. He isn’t quite ready to face an opponent quite as powerful as her. Shiki Ryougi wins.