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Elfman Strauss vs Jaden

Elfman Strauss is a pretty powerful Fairy Tail member even if he is heavily outclassed by most of the others. You’re not going to see him with the power to end planets like Natsu, but he can throw a good punch. He’s definitely completely outclassed by Jaden though. Jaden has his elemental heroes at the ready and also has his Supreme King abilities. Jaden might barely even need the monsters since he also comes equipped with a lot of trap cards. Elfman is in for a world of pain here. Jaden wins.

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Tock vs Jaden

Tock is back, but she won’t be able to defeat Jaden. He has a whole army of monsters and that spells bad news for Tock since she can only keep up her semblance for a minute. Jaden can stay from afar and watch her run out of energy or maybe his monsters will even take her down before the time limit is up. Either way her options are incredibly limited here, but at least if you’re going to lose you may as well lose to the best right? Jaden wins.

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Jaden vs Kyoko Sakura

Kyoko is a powerful fighter, but she is always very serious. Jaden knows that sometimes you have to lighten up and just go with the flow. His versatility has helped him become one of the world’s greatest duelists and he has great victories with multiple decks. Whether he is using Elemental Heroes or Neo Spacians, Jaden has a masterful strategy that will leave the opponent at a loss. Kyoko can destroy a great deal of Jaden’s monsters, but she can’t defeat them all. Eventually she will tire out and then it’s game over. Jaden wins.

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Jaden vs Sena Arata

It’s time for Jaden to return and school his opponents. Sena is a pretty hard worker who acts kind of like Jaden at times. True, he may not have the overwhelming leadership abilities that Jaden has, but he always puts in his best effort. Jaden has a whole swarm of monsters at his disposal though so it’ll be incredibly difficult for Sena to get anywhere near him. “How about a little help Neos!” will be the last thing Sena hears before he loses this round. At least he’ll have lost to one of the best. Jaden wins.

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Mirio vs Jaden


Mirio is another character who believes that he is a hero until danger strikes. That’s when he shows his true colors and his resolve is definitely quite weak. Jaden could take him down no problem with a few card combos. Jaden’s got a really strong resolve and makes for a great hero. Mirio’s fancy intangibility and mild super strength just won’t be enough to help him out in this fight. Jaden won’t even need his Elemental Heroes to win this round as he has his Neo Spacians and Supreme King powers to see him through. Jaden wins.

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Yuya vs Jaden

Yuya and Jaden have been compared a lot and I can certainly see why. Both of them started out as very enthusiastic duelists who just played the game to have a good time. Both of them were then forced to meet their inner darkness when villains took their friends hostage and increased the stakes. Jaden conquered his inner darkness and continues to use it to fight the good fight and Yuya appears to be taking the same path. Yuya has even learned how to fusion summon as he follows in the legendary hero’s footsteps. Yuya’s done a good job, but he’ll never surpass the original fusion master. Still, he’ll put up a good fight and will provide a nice show for the fans. Jaden wins.

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Jaden vs Superman

Jaden has returned and his next opponent is Superman. Superman is heralded as one of the strongest superheroes in all of comics. I would argue that he is in fact the strongest. He’ll put up a very good fight against Jaden, but he won’t be able to stand up to Jaden’s large array of magical monsters and trap cards. Supreme King Jaden can even make his card effects real so no amount of durability will save Superman forever. Jaden wins.

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Nightshroud vs Jaden

Nightshroud is possibly the strongest Yugioh villain to date. His dark abilities may surpass that of the mighty Zorc’s and his ambitions are even grander than the 7 Barian Emperors. This being may have ended everything if not for the matchless powers of Jaden Yuki. Jaden barely won the battle since it was such a massive clash, but I’m confident that he could pull off another win. This is Jaden after all! Jaden wins.

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Kagemaru vs Jaden

Kagemaru was the first big opponent that Jaden faced during his dueling career. Kagemaru possessed the legendary Sacred Beasts and he was pretty powerful in his human form. He’s truly a man to be feared, but Jaden fear no one! No being can hope to defeat Jaden and that is why Kagemaru will lost. He can’t match up to Jaden’s dueling brilliance! Jaden wins.