Shiki Ryougi vs Jaden

Shiki has enhanced physical abilities and can effectively see a target’s death which helps with predicting their next movements. It won’t help with Jaden though because she won’t be able to see his death ahead of time. Jaden won’t be losing this round. He has too many monsters, spells, and traps at his disposal for him to possibly lose this round. Jaden’s in prime position to secure a victory here and Shiki would need a stroke of luck to cause an upset. Jaden wins.

Lucia Raregroove vs Jaden

Lucia Raregroove is a powerful fighter/mage. He will have an exceptionally hard time going up against Jaden here though because of how many options Jaden has on the table. Jaden has dozens of monsters, traps, and spell cards at his disposal. He even has his Supreme King form at the ready as well. This will result in way too many targets for Lucia to worry about at one time. He just doesn’t have an answer for this many attacks coming from this many targets. It’s game over for him. Jaden wins.

Winston vs Jaden

Winston is pretty good with technology. He can beat you up close with sheer strength and powerful hand to hand blows or he can take you apart from afar with his cannons. Either way you’re in for a world of pain if you aren’t able to keep up with him. Jaden has a lot of trap cards at the ready though so he is ready for this fight. There really isn’t anything that Winston can do to try and stop Jaden. Jaden is just too powerful and his legions of monsters are the perfect shield. Jaden wins.

Jaden vs Mirai

Mirai is a pretty powerful character who is quite cunning. She really knows how to get her opponent to lower their guard and then moves in for the win. Fortunately for Jaden he has an incredible number of monsters and spells at the ready to protect himself with. There isn’t really a whole lot that Mirai can do to stop him here. Even in her most powerful form she would have a hard time lasting more than 5 minutes against Jaden’s Elemental Heroes. Sheer numbers sometimes are enough to overcome pure force. Jaden wins.

Jaden vs Count Orlok

Count Orlok has some basic super strength and such, but it won’t be enough to take down someone like Jaden. Jaden’s dueling abilities far outstrip that of his opponents. Count Orlok really wouldn’t stand a chance here. The armies of monsters would just mow him down and at best Orlok can try to ask for mercy. He isn’t well equipped to handle Jaden at all. Jaden wins.

Terry Bogard vs Jaden

Terry Bogard has some pretty good hand to hand skills at the ready, but they won’t do much against an army of monsters. Jaden’s monsters are far too powerful to be hurt by his attacks. Terry could probably take down some of the weaker ones with some well placed hits and fire moves, but ultimately he wouldn’t be able to take down the whole fleet. He’d hit his limit and then that would be game over for him. Jaden wins.

Jaden vs Yuno

Yuno is a very powerful mage. One of the strongest to ever walk the Clover Kingdom. His wind will be able to keep most of Jaden’s monsters at bay and his speed is greater than Jaden’s fastest monsters. That being said, Jaden will still be able to hold his own here because he is just very well equipped with his magical abilities. A few good traps will stop any of Yuno’s attacks and that will give an opening for his monsters to finish the job. Jaden wins.

Update 8 7 2020 While Jaden has a ton of cards I don’t believe any are nearly fast enough to take down Yuno. Yuno wins.

Joker (Persona) vs Jaden

Time for Jaden to return to the blog. He’s about to have quite a few wins coming up. First up he is taking on Joker from the classic Persona series. Joker has a lot of tricks up his sleeve including his whip, cards, and summon. Those will let him put up a decent fight, but in the end he won’t be able to do much against Jaden. Jaden has a ton of monsters, spells, and traps at his disposal. With those at the ready Joker will ultimately have to fold. He’s simply too heavily outnumbered to win. Jaden wins.

Tsukasa (Dr Stone) vs Jaden

Tsukasa is a very strong Dr. Stone character. He is quite possibly the strongest character physically in the series, but that’s not going to be enough to stop someone like Jaden. Jaden has a full army of monsters and spells aiding him in the right. That’s not even counting the fact that he can use card effects in the real world. Tsukasa will quickly be overwhelmed and there really isn’t much that he can do to defend himself. Jaden wins.

Elfman Strauss vs Jaden

Elfman Strauss is a pretty powerful Fairy Tail member even if he is heavily outclassed by most of the others. You’re not going to see him with the power to end planets like Natsu, but he can throw a good punch. He’s definitely completely outclassed by Jaden though. Jaden has his elemental heroes at the ready and also has his Supreme King abilities. Jaden might barely even need the monsters since he also comes equipped with a lot of trap cards. Elfman is in for a world of pain here. Jaden wins.