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Joker (Persona) vs Inkling

Suggested by Sonic Inkling is a nice kid, but she is completely outmatched here. Joker is a better close quarters fighter and he could also strike at her from afar. Inkling is fast and that would really be her only chance here. That being said, Joker is no slouch in the speed department either and I believe he would be able to swing out a win. Inkling wouldn’t know what hit her. Joker (Persona) wins.

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Joker (Persona) vs Arsene

Suggested by Sonic Joker returns to fight one of the stronger opponents out there. Arsene is incredibly powerful and you can think of him like one of the monsters in Astral Chain. That being said, Joker is able to use him in combat so it would basically be a stalemate except that having Joker on board as well gives him the definitive edge. Joker won’t be holding his Arsene back and so that’s a recipe for success. Joker (Persona) wins.

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Joker (Persona) vs Morgana

Suggested by Sonic Joker is a pretty talented thief. The guy has a lot of the proper tools to make a getaway at any point. Morgana is always very helpful, but he isn’t known as a fighter quite as much as Joker. Joker has the edge here in speed, power, and overall technique. Morgana would have a hard time keeping up with Joker for very long. Ultimately he will fall here but who better to lose to than a master like Joker? Joker (Persona) wins.