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Joker (Persona) vs Inkling

Suggested by Sonic Inkling is a nice kid, but she is completely outmatched here. Joker is a better close quarters fighter and he could also strike at her from afar. Inkling is fast and that would really be her only chance here. That being said, Joker is no slouch in the speed department either and I believe he would be able to swing out a win. Inkling wouldn’t know what hit her. Joker (Persona) wins.

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Inkling vs Luigi

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for the Inkling to return, but she won’t have any better luck here. Luigi has mastered the powers of electricity and throughout the years he has obtained some decent power ups like his trusty fireballs or even the hammer. He’s got enough abilities up his sleeve to ultimately claim a victory here while Inkling’s tech just won’t be enough. Luigi wins.

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Inkling vs Squirtle

Suggested by Sonic Squirtle is one of the cooler Pokemon out there and he’s definitely a nostalgic figure. He’s been with Ash through thick and thin and has even taken down opponents far larger than him. He can shoot away any ink that Inkling tries to throw at him and can easily counter with a flurry of offensive moves. Inkling doesn’t stand a chance. Squirtle wins.

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Link vs Inkling

Suggested by Sonic Inkling is a pretty tough character, but she isn’t quite ready to take on someone like Link. Link has a lot of experience under his belt and has mastered many different items. His skills are impressive and he can fight even without weapons. This battle just has a gap in talent that is too wide to overcome. Inkling isn’t ready to fight such an opponent yet, but if she keeps training then maybe that can change. Link wins.