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Isabelle vs Squirtle

Suggested by Sonic Squirtle is one of the original water Pokemon and yet he still ranks up there as one of the strongest ones. He is quick and has a good combo game as well as a ton of moves at his disposal. This means that Isabelle is basically out of luck when going up against him because she can’t keep up with his moves. Squirtle is basically invincible as far as she is concerned. He won’t even need to evolve to win this fight. Squirtle wins.

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Inkling vs Squirtle

Suggested by Sonic Squirtle is one of the cooler Pokemon out there and he’s definitely a nostalgic figure. He’s been with Ash through thick and thin and has even taken down opponents far larger than him. He can shoot away any ink that Inkling tries to throw at him and can easily counter with a flurry of offensive moves. Inkling doesn’t stand a chance. Squirtle wins.

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Squirtle vs Lucario

Suggested by Sonic Squirtle and Lucario are both pretty powerful Pokemon. In their base modes there is no question that Lucario would stomp the water type, but when you throw Blastoise in then things get interesting. That being said, Lucario has better firepower as well as superior hand to hand combat skills. When you mix those two elements in then there’s just no way that Squirtle can claim the advantage. He’s simply outmatched by Lucario’s pure ability. Lucario wins.

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Bowser vs Squirtle

Bowser Squirtle
Squirtle is a surprisingly powerful fighter and especially once he transforms into Blastoise. Bowser may have his flames at the ready, but they wont do all that much to someone like Squirtle. Squirtle would speedblitz his way to victory. Bowser just doesn’t have the speed feats or long range techniques necessary for a victory in this round. Squirtle wins.

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Bowser V.S. Bowser

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Squirtle vs Koopa

Koopa Troopas are pretty intense villains from the Mario series and they were once known as fierce opponents! They may not command the same respect and recognition that they used too, but I definitely wouldn’t want to have to go up against one of them without a trusty Squirtle. Squirtle is a good match against a Koopa because his water abilities can nullify all of Koopa’s attacks. Koopa won’t be landing any hits on the mighty aqua fighter and Squirtle can end this with a solid headbut. Squirtle wins.

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Squirtle vs Gomamon

Gabumon and Squirtle
Squirtle is one of the tougher Pokemon around because he knows how to use his speed to his advantage. He’s definitely a lot better at hand to hand than Gomamon, but Gomamon has a large digievolution tree. He can evolve into the Gaogamon series and the mega form there is pretty tough. He gets energy blades, super speed, and a Kamehameha type of attack. That should be enough to take the win. Gomamon wins.

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Squirtle vs gomamon mugen

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Squirtle vs Arbok

Arbok is a pretty tough snake pokemon, but in the end he won’t be able to compete with Squirtle’s speed or intensity. Squirtle can evolve into Blastoise and send some pretty intense power at Arbok. Arbok won’t be able to stand up to that for long and he takes a tough loss in this round. Maybe he’ll be back. Squirtle wins.

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Garurumon vs Squirtle

Garurumon is back and now he’s up against Squirtle! Squirtle is a pretty powerful pokemon, but he won’t be able to hold his own against some of Garurumon’s stronger forms. Hie defense won’t be enough and speedwise he’s not as fast as Garurumon. This is a losing battle for him. Garurumon wins.

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Squirtle vs Ash

Squirtle is a tough pokemon. He was one of Ash’s first pokemon and has a lot of experience in the field of battle! Of course Ash has his Pikachu who can take down Squirtle. Pikachu has the speed advantage and also the power advantage. Pikachu’s been with Ash for as long as I can remember and knows many tricks! Ash wins.

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Squirtle vs Pikachu

Pikachu is back and this time he’s up against Squirtle! Squirtle is a powerful opponent. With his speed and power he’s more than a match for many pokemon, but Pikachu’s got this match! He has a massive speed advantage and with his well rounded attacks I’d say he’s the better fighter. Squirtle may have lost this fight, but he’ll be back. Pikachu wins.