Metagross vs Pikachu

It’s time for Metagross to return, but now he is up against one of the strongest Pokemon of them all! Pikachu is a fighter and a really good one at that. He’s taken down very powerful opponents like Tyranitar with ease so even Metagross will fall before him. You don’t want to underestimate any Electric Mouse, much less Pikachu. Pikachu will be running rings around Metagross for the duration of the match. Pikachu wins.


Cup Ramen Man vs Pikachu

Suggested by Destroyer Cup Ramen Man has some pretty neat cards and isn’t a bad duelist. That being said, Pikachu’s speed is on a whole different level. He can run rings around the Cup Ramen Man and that’s the path to victory. It doesn’t matter how many cards the Cup has if he can’t land a hit right? Pikachu has continued to impress over the years and he isn’t done yet. Pikachu wins.

Joker vs Pikachu

Suggested by Anon The Joker is one of the most popular villains in all of comics. Surprisingly this hasn’t led to a whole lot of power ups, but I guess most people like him for his wit and cunning as opposed to raw power. This means that he won’t stand a chance against good ole Pikachu. Pikachu has incredible super speed and the power within his thunder attacks is legendary. Joker will be lucky to survive even a few hits from this creature. Pikachu is simply out of his league. Pikachu wins.

Pachirisu vs Pikachu

Pachirisu is a powerful Thunder Pokemon and was effectively one of the many Pikachu ripoffs that was created. It makes sense that the Pokemon games would want to recreate the success of its most powerful Pokemon, but copies can never beat the original. Pikachu’s easily got the combat edge here as he is faster and stronger. A good Volt Tackle should be enough to win this match. Pikachu wins.

Kiva vs Pikachu

Kiva had such a strong start on the blog, but things have been getting very tough for him lately. He’s a strong fighter who can engage in long range or close quarters combat, but you could say the same for Pikachu. Pikachu has super speed and you can’t forget that he also has a lot of power in his Volt Tackle. One good charge and it’s game over for Kiva. Kiva is not yet ready for this level of power. Pikachu wins.

Sting Eucliffe vs Pikachu

Sting Eucliffe makes his debut onto the blog with this round! Pikachu is an incredibly fast fighter and I’ve spoken about why he is so powerful on many occasions. That being said, I don’t think that he will be able to defeat Sting. Sting has a good amount of speed and strength, which he can amplify when he’s in his aura mode. His energy attacks could potentially take Pikachu out in one hit and since Pikachu’s overwhelming speed advantage is negated here, that really takes a whole lot of the punch out of Pikachu’s moveset. Pikachu may have lost this round, but he’ll be back to fight another day! Sting Eucliffe wins.

Pikachu vs Ness

unnamed (2)
Pikachu already took out Falco and now he’s up against his next Smash victim. Ness is an experienced user of the PK arts, but landing a blow against Pikachu will be very difficult. His meteor storm and his focused blast would be able to deal a lot of damage, but Pikachu’s just on a different level thanks to his agility. He won’t be going down this time. Pikachu wins.

Falco vs Pikachu

unnamed (1)
I would actually consider Falco to be one of the stronger Smash Bros fighters. He’s not exactly top tier, (Sonic, Mega Man, Mewtwo) but he can hold his own against most of the other fighters. That being said, Pikachu’s definitely got this round. He’s a lot faster than Falco and the Landmaster won’t provide him with enough protection. An Arwing will be very helpful as well, but nothing can get past Pikachu’s Volt Tackle when you really think about it. Pikachu can dodge all of Falco’s attacks and then counter when it is convenient for him. Pikachu wins.

Greninja vs Pikachu

Greninja Pikachu
Pikachu hasn’t been around in a while, but he definitely hasn’t lost his edge. Pikachu is still one of the fastest Pokemon alive and his Volt Tackle packs a punch. Greninja would not be able to endure that kind of power. Greninja is also very skilled and he has a large array of abilities up his sleeve, but the difference in speed between these two fighters is just too great. Pikachu wins.

Pikachu vs Tron

Tron is back, but I’m afraid that it’s not for a win. Pikachu is just too fast for him at this point and one good Volt Tackle would end things. Tron just doesn’t have any defense against these abilities and he won’t be able to hold out. These last two matches haven’t been kind to good ole Tron. Pikachu wins.