Pikachu vs Guile

Suggested by Sonic Guile is a pretty tough fighter for sure. He isn’t someone that you can underestimate as his counter attacks are legendary. Still, there isn’t really much that he can do against someone like Pikachu. Pikachu can easily evade all of his attacks and has a large array of moves which is more than sufficient to deal with Guile. His Iron Tail will make Guile re-think the fight immediately. Pikachu wins.


Incineroar vs Pikachu

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Suggested by Sonic Incineroar is a pretty powerful Pokemon and the latest character from that franchise to join the prestigious Super Smash Bros franchise. His Revenge mechanic works a lot like Rage and allows his strength to be increased. It is conceivable that he is more powerful than Pikachu. Fortunately this electric mouse has a lot of speed on his side and won’t be getting hit very easily. Power doesn’t matter if your blows don’t connect and that’s what is going to happen here. Pikachu wins.

Billie Jenkins vs Pikachu

Billie Jenkins has returned, but her psychic abilities won’t be enough to stop Pikachu. Pikachu already has a good amount of experience against opponents like that and his thunder abilities will always be a good counter. Once Pikachu goes all out there just isn’t anything someone can do to stop his onslaught. Billie also doesn’t have the durability needed to outlast the attacks so it is curtains for now. Pikachu wins.

Pikachu vs Mimikyu

Mimikyu is a pretty cool Pokemon. His personal vendetta with Pikachu is definitely interesting and this Pokemon probably has one of the best modern designs that I’ve seen. It’s just a great concept all around, but that still won’t be enough to stop an opponent as powerful as Pikachu. Pikachu is just far too fiercesome and overwhelming for any one Pokemon to stop. (With a few exceptions) Mimikyu will lose this battle and Pikachu proves once more that the original can’t be stopped. Pikachu wins.

Prome O vs Pikachu

Prome O has some reasonable psychic powers, but they are nothing next to Pikachu’s strength. Pikachu may very well be the fastest Pokemon in existence and he is certainly one of the strongest ones. None of Prome O’s shields will be good enough to stop him and I doubt they would even slow him. Pikachu has proven time and time again that he doesn’t even need a Mega form to win fights. He’s just about unbeatable as it is. Pikachu wins.

Pikachu vs Little Mac

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Suggested by Sonic Little Mac is a strong boxer and he has come a long way. Who would have thought that he would have made the jump from trophy to assist trophy to playable character? The guy certainly has his fans, but at the end of the day he is a little outmatched against Pikachu here. Pikachu has super speed and a very wide range of attack options at his disposal. It will be difficult to Little Mac to land any hits and his defense just isn’t high enough here. Pikachu wins.

Pikachu vs Diddy Kong

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Suggested by Sonic Diddy Kong is a tough fighter and rose up up in the tiers for some of the Super Smash Bros games, but he isn’t actually all that powerful when it comes to a 1 on 1 fight. Pikachu easily has the speed advantage here and a few good shots will end the match. The gap in their power is sizable and the same can be said for the difference in speed. No pop gun shots will be able to hit Pikachu and Diddy has no other viable options. Pikachu wins.

Pokemon Trainer vs Pikachu

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Suggested by Sonic The Pokemon Trainer is back and now that she has gotten Charizard back in Ultimate the squad is at full power once more. That being said, I think Pikachu could handle all 3 of her Pokemon. With his speed and type advantage Pikachu would be able to take out Squirtle almost instantly. Charizard will also need to keep his distance and while Ivysaur is a solid fighter, he also isn’t fast enough to keep up. Pikachu is vastly stronger than most Pokemon and only a handful can even hope to keep up with him. He won’t be losing anytime soon. Pikakchu wins.

Metagross vs Pikachu

It’s time for Metagross to return, but now he is up against one of the strongest Pokemon of them all! Pikachu is a fighter and a really good one at that. He’s taken down very powerful opponents like Tyranitar with ease so even Metagross will fall before him. You don’t want to underestimate any Electric Mouse, much less Pikachu. Pikachu will be running rings around Metagross for the duration of the match. Pikachu wins.

Cup Ramen Man vs Pikachu

Suggested by Destroyer Cup Ramen Man has some pretty neat cards and isn’t a bad duelist. That being said, Pikachu’s speed is on a whole different level. He can run rings around the Cup Ramen Man and that’s the path to victory. It doesn’t matter how many cards the Cup has if he can’t land a hit right? Pikachu has continued to impress over the years and he isn’t done yet. Pikachu wins.