Luminary vs Incineroar

Suggested by Sonic Incineroar is a powerful Pokemon who takes pride in his wrestling skills. The guy can deal a lot of damage once he makes contact. Luminary will have to be careful not to get caught in his grip. Luminary is very fast though so this shouldn’t be a problem and then he’ll be able to land his explosive attacks. Luminary’s blade also gives him longer reach in close quarters which will be of great help here. Luminary wins.

Incineroar vs Falco

Suggested by Sonic Incineroar has returned and now he is up against one of the legendary Star Fox characters. Falco definitely isn’t someone who typically follows the rules, but he is a good fighter all the same. He also does have his Landmaster and Arwing to back him up, but at the end of the day I don’t think those will be enough to bring him back into the winning side. He is just outmatched here and will quickly be overwhelmed by Incineroar’s brutal combat style. Incineroar wins.

Incineroar vs Wii Fit Trainer

Suggested by Sonic Incineroar is a skilled Pokemon who can fight at short and long range. He has wrestling moves which have served him well over the years as well as a bunch of fire attacks. The Wii Fit Trainer has some energy clones of her own, but they won’t be enough to do a whole lot to this guy. Incineroar is just way too fast and strong so the Trainer has no real options for victory. Incineroar wins.

Incineroar vs Shulk

Suggested by Sonic Incineroar has returned to grace us with his presence once more. He has a good amount of attack power and speed so he is always able to give his opponent a good fight. That being said, I definitely think Shulk would have the edge here. In his final forms he is a considerable threat to gods and being able to see the future is always handy. Simply put, he can move faster than Incineroar and his attacks will deal massive damage. Incineroar won’t be able to stand up to that for long. Shulk wins.

Incineroar vs Little Mac

Suggested by Sonic Little Mac may have been the first boxer you’d think of when playing Super Smash Bros but that may be about to change. Incineroar is also a skilled close quarters fighter and his raw power is far greater than that of Little Mac’s. Not only is his hand to hand good, but he also has a plethora of special abilities that he can use to attack Mac from afar. There are few opponents who can really hope to handle Little Mac, but Incineroar is one of them. Incineroar wins.

Incineroar vs Pikachu

Suggested by Sonic Incineroar is a pretty powerful Pokemon and the latest character from that franchise to join the prestigious Super Smash Bros franchise. His Revenge mechanic works a lot like Rage and allows his strength to be increased. It is conceivable that he is more powerful than Pikachu. Fortunately this electric mouse has a lot of speed on his side and won’t be getting hit very easily. Power doesn’t matter if your blows don’t connect and that’s what is going to happen here. Pikachu wins.