Falco vs Gamma

Suggested by Sonic Gamma is a strong robot and he did well to go up against Sonic in 1 on 1 combat. That said, Falco has dealt with all kinds of robots and enemies in the past. I’d say that he will be fast enough to dodge the attacks and counter with his own laser gun. While Gamma is durable, he won’t be quite sturdy enough to take that kind of damage. Falco will definitely wear him down and will ultimately get the win. Falco wins.

Tabuu vs Falco

Suggested by Destroyer Falco is a talented pilot who can steer his team to victory when the need arises. That being said, I don’t think he will be able to stop Tabuu. For one thing, Tabuu can fly which makes him better able to manuever through the air than someone stuck in a ship. He can also fire off energy blasts and transform. I haven’t seen Falco do anything to suggest he would be able to claim victory here. I’m afraid it’s all over for him. Tabuu wins.

Incineroar vs Falco

Suggested by Sonic Incineroar has returned and now he is up against one of the legendary Star Fox characters. Falco definitely isn’t someone who typically follows the rules, but he is a good fighter all the same. He also does have his Landmaster and Arwing to back him up, but at the end of the day I don’t think those will be enough to bring him back into the winning side. He is just outmatched here and will quickly be overwhelmed by Incineroar’s brutal combat style. Incineroar wins.

Duck Hunt Dog vs Falco

Suggested by Sonic Duck Hunt Dog has returned, but he won’t fare any better in this battle. Falco is simply too nimble of a fighter. Even if you ignore his landmaster Falco would still be able to win with his energy gun and hand to hand tactics. He is an experienced fighter and while Falco may not follow the rules all the time, he can get away it because of his skilled he is. This will be a clean win. Falco wins.

Dark Pit vs Falco

Suggested by Sonic Falco is an ace pilot, but is he ready to fly his way through this match? Dark Pit can fly pretty well so he’ll be able to dodge the lasers and then hit Falco with his heavy cannon. Falco’s pretty much doomed once he loses his vehicles so at that point it’s time to call it curtains. This may not be an easy match as stopping those vehicles will be tough, but achievable for this guy. Dark Pit wins.

Sonic vs Falco

Suggested by Sonic Falco has returned, but now he faces a true speedster in the form of Sonic. None of Falco’s attacks will be of any use here as he won’t be able to land a hit on Sonic. Sonic is simply way too fast and that’s not even counting his various super forms. Sonic could end the fight before Falco even realizes that he has been hit. Such is the potential of limitless speed. Sonic wins.

Falco vs Captain Falcon

Suggested by Sonic Captain Falcon is a very fast, but hard hitting fighter whose hand to hand skills are on point. In a straight fight he would very quickly take Falco down for the count. However, Falco has his gun and ships to tip the scales here. The Blue Falcon is quite fast, but it still can’t fly and while the Big Blue can it is not as agile. Falco will be able to use his superior tech along with his reasonable hand to hand skills to claim victory. Falco wins.

Lazerman vs Falco

Suggested by Destroyer Falco is a pretty skilled flyer. His blaster gets results and he has the Landmaster as well as the Arwing on hand. Still, Lazerman is a lot faster than Falco and his energy blasts really pack a punch. Falco won’t be getting up after being hit like that. That’s the gap in their abilities. Lazerman wins.

Lucas vs Falco

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Lucas has a great array of attacks at his disposal and they should be able to deal a lot of damage to Falco if they connect. Falco’s reflector will force Lucas to hesitate a little though and his Landmaster plus Arwing combo will make things very difficult on Lucas. I don’t believe that he will be fast enough to clutch out this victory and Falco will have the slight advantage. Falco wins.

Greninja vs Falco

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It looks like Falco’s going to have to lose to another one of the Poke fighters! Greninja is a pretty skilled Pokemon whose attacks have a good mix of speed and power. Falco may be a tough hand to hand fighter, but he just wouldn’t be able to keep up with Greninja and a water blast would eventually send him flying. Greninja wins.