Greninja vs Galactus

Suggested by Destroyer Now this one gets pretty interesting. Galactus is massively huge and has a ton of power so you don’t want to underestimate that. That being said, he is up against Greninja who thanks to the anime has even gotten a few super forms. Galactus would not be able to keep up with Greninja’s speed at all and that will hurt him a bit. Additionally, Greninja’s attacks are powerful enough where they will hurt Galactus. It will be a battle of attrition but one where Greninja will come out on top. Greninja wins.

Phantom (Zero) vs Greninja

Suggested by Anonymous Greninja is a pretty tough Pokemon to be sure. In his Ash form all of his abilities are greatly amplified and this is an issue for Phantom. Phantom’s speed is considerable but his attack power isn’t quite high enough to stop Greninja. They fight with similar styles but ultimately Greninja holds the edge in most stats and it’s hard to overcome such a deficit. Greninja will only continue to grow more powerful. Greninja wins.

Geemel vs Greninja

Suggested by Anonymous Geemel is definitely one of the lesser known Mega Man X villains, but he’s still got some skills in his own right. He can throw around the shruiken with pinpoint accuracy and a whole lot of speed. His fighting style is similar to Greninja’s in a lot of ways, but the Pokemon definitely has the edge here. Not only is Greninja faster than Geemel, but he’s also got a whole lot more raw power and a wider attack arsenal. Mix those attributes up and you’ve got a fairly one sided match here. Greninja wins.

Leviathan vs Greninja

Suggested by Sonic Leviathan is a very powerful being who is summoned in times of hardship. He is a beast who scours the seas and destroys all. Greninja’s water shruiken won’t do much here, but fortunately for the Pokemon he has also got his Mega form. In that mode his stats are increased around the board to the point where the damage will build up quite rapidly. Leviathan makes for a huge target and that will be his downfall. Greninja wins.

Greninja vs Ryu

Suggested by Sonic Greninja is a pretty tricky water type to deal with. He is good at close quarters combat and landing precise blows to chip away at the enemy. Ryu is an experienced fighter though so he should be able to dodge or block most of the hits. His experience has served him well over the years and I don’t think this match will be an exception. Ryu just needs to focus and he’s got this. Ryu wins.

Thor vs Greninja

Thor is back, but now he’s fighting a true speedster! Thor’s speed is impressive and far greater than most suspect, but I don’t believe that it will be enough to defeat Greninja. Greninja can handle Thor’s mobility and his array of offensive attacks will keep Thor at bay. In a long range battle, Greninja has the edge and he can hold out when in close range thanks to his athletic ability. Thor’s streak of wins will have to stop here. Greninja wins.

Mewtwo vs Greninja

unnamed (2)
Mewtwo is back and now he’s up against the Pokemon who replaced him in Super Smash. Needless to say, this will not be a close fight! Greninja may be swift and powerful, but Mewtwo surpasses him in both areas. Greninja simply doesn’t have a chance against the ultimate Pokemon. Mewtwo even has a Mega form, which increases his abilities even further. In that form, he’s easily the strongest Pokemon in existence! Mewtwo wins.

Greninja vs Falco

unnamed (5)
It looks like Falco’s going to have to lose to another one of the Poke fighters! Greninja is a pretty skilled Pokemon whose attacks have a good mix of speed and power. Falco may be a tough hand to hand fighter, but he just wouldn’t be able to keep up with Greninja and a water blast would eventually send him flying. Greninja wins.

Fennekin vs Greninja

Greninja Fennekin
Fennekin is the newest fire type starter in the Pokemon franchise. As far as starters go, he’s pretty unimpressive and he easily loses to the first four generations. Nonetheless, he’s still a pretty good fighter. I would argue that the type disadvantage doesn’t really play into this match, but Fennekin still loses because he’s not quite as quick as Greninja. Greninja will be able to speedbltiz his way to victory. No worries, I’m sure that Fennekin will be back for a win soon….he just couldn’t keep up with Greninja’s skill! Greninja wins.

Robin (Fire Emblem) vs Greninja

Robin Greninja
Robin (Fire Emblem) is a good swordsman, but that won’t be enough to stop Greninja! Greninja is a fast fighter and he has a large array of attacks. He can strike at Robin from a distance with his aqua based moves. Greninja can also engage in a hand to hand fight with Robin where Greninja’s speed would definitely come in handy. Robin won’t be able to overpower this fighter. Greninja wins.