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Fennekin vs James Bond

Fennekin is a fire type Pokemon and he is even tougher than he looks. James Bond has a gun, but that wont be very helpful against this opponent. Fennekin can melt the gun and speedblitz Bond for a while. Fennekin has dozens of abilities at his disposal and James Bond wouldn’t really be able to counter any of them. Fennekin wins.

Battles, Fennekin Battles, Greninja Battles

Fennekin vs Greninja

Greninja Fennekin
Fennekin is the newest fire type starter in the Pokemon franchise. As far as starters go, he’s pretty unimpressive and he easily loses to the first four generations. Nonetheless, he’s still a pretty good fighter. I would argue that the type disadvantage doesn’t really play into this match, but Fennekin still loses because he’s not quite as quick as Greninja. Greninja will be able to speedbltiz his way to victory. No worries, I’m sure that Fennekin will be back for a win soon….he just couldn’t keep up with Greninja’s skill! Greninja wins.