James Bond vs Longshot

Suggested by Destroyer James Bond has returned and now he is up against good ole Longshot. Longshot is hardly one of the most impressive X-men fighters. In fact, I would go as far as to say that he is one of the least impressive ones. The guy just isn’t ready for most fighters but he does have slight superhuman speed and strength thanks to a lifetime of combat. I wouldn’t put any stock in his luck abilities but he will win in a gunfight or hand to hand here. Longshot wins.

Lara Croft vs James Bond

Suggested by Destroyer Lara Croft and James Bond are both special operatives who have fought in many battles. Bond has more experience in direct confrontations while Lara has taken on more supernatural threats. She will be able to take Bond down. Both of them have a lot of great gadgets, but Lara is simply faster and has better feats at her disposal. Bond will be overwhelmed with pure speed and in martial arts I would also give her the easy edge. Bond’s only shot here is his gun skills which will not be enough. Lara Croft wins.

Norman Bates vs James Bond

Suggested by Destroyer James Bond is an agent who has been in a lot of fights. While I take shots at him quite often, you can’t deny his power. Bond is a better hand to hand fighter than Norman and he’s also an expert shot. A single bullet would put Norman away and that’s the thing with being human. Unless you have a lot of experience of agility you will ultimately lose in one blow if the attack lands. I don’t trust Norman to be able to dodge the shot. James Bond wins.

Yuya vs James Bond

Yuya Sakaki may be one of the greatest dueltainers on the planet but it hasn’t come at the expense of his dueling abilities. He knows how to think out of the box and can hold his own against just about everyone when the pendulum is swinging his way. James Bond doesn’t have the same level of charisma and his gun skills aren’t enough to tip the scales of battle either. Looks like this is going to end badly for him. Yuya wins.

Moonface vs James Bond


Suggested by Destroyer Moon Face is a fairly obscure villain from Buso Renkin. He can make duplicates of himself which is sure to mess with Bond’s aim. James Bond is certainly not the best fighter as it is. He tied against a drug dealer once and loses to most of the notable villains like the guy with a steel jaw. In a fight with an opponent who isn’t fazed by billets, the match is as good as over. Bond may put up a fight, but he can’t win. Moonface wins.

One Above All vs James Bond

Suggested by Destroyer The One Above All is back once again. Things are not looking good for him in this match since James Bond has a good array of guns at his disposal. A single bullet could prove lethal for TOAA and Bond also has some very mild hand to hand skills. TOAA can usually try to escape a fight by flying away, but that’s just not an option in this fight. I’m afraid he is simply outmatched. James Bond wins.

Pokemon Trainer vs James Bond

The Pokemon Trainer is back to get another win and cement himself in the positive area of the blog records. James Bond is a tricky fellow with all of the equipment that he has accumulated over the years, but it simply won’t be enough to stop the Pokemon Trainer. This kid has caught three Pokemon so far and they will be able to lead him to victory! James Bond simply isn’t quick enough to dodge their attacks. Pokemon Trainer wins.

Ban vs James Bond

James Bond has returned to fight and he’s ready to really give Ban a piece of his mind. That being said, James Bond has no real way to land a good hit in here. Ban is too quick and his Achilles is more than a match for the secret agent. Achilles has super strength as well as speed, that’s a winning combo if I’ve ever heard of one! Ban wins.

Ra Thor vs James Bond

James Bond has a gun and he’s supposed to be a pretty tough fighter, but I never bought into that. Bullets wouldn’t do well against Ra Thor and the speed difference between these two is just too great. It’s hard to really see James Bond putting up a great fight at all. He’s too outmatched! Ra Thor wins.

Little Mac vs James Bond

Little Mac is a pretty tough boxer and it should be noted that he’s not the kind of guy to go down without a fight. James Bond has his fancy guns of course, but they won’t frighten this fighter. Little Mac just needs one of his iconic uppercuts and that will be the match. James Bond simply won’t be able to endure such a blow. Little Mac wins.