Giant Condor vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer The Giant Condor has returned but he won’t be able to do much against the Chunk. The Chunk was even able to take down the Flash once which is no easy feat. His super strength and teleportation abilities will make it very hard for the Condor to land any attacks. The Chunk can then use his diamond throwing skills to claim victory here. Chunk wins.

Giant Condor vs James Bond

Suggested by Destroyer The Giant Condor is one of those Godzilla villains that isn’t remembered all that well. The guy had no special abilities after all so maybe that shouldn’t be surprising. He was just a giant bird and I don’t think he wins this one. James Bond isn’t the toughest guy around but he does have rocket launchers and a lot of high powered explosives. The Condor just won’t be able to survive that barrage. James Bond wins.

Ebirah vs Giant Condor

Suggested by Destroyer The Giant Condor is one of those creatures where it’s hard to tell if he is a Kaiju or just a giant monster. Contrary to popular belief there is a difference between the two terms. That being said, it won’t really affect the outcome. Ebirah is certainly stronger than this Bird and while his mobility may not be as great, The Condor will have to approach to try and land a hit. When he does then the match will be all over. Ebirah wins.

Giant Condor vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer The Giant Condor may not have gotten to do a whole lot over the years, but he is still a monster who is fondly remembered by the big Toho fans. Howard has a gun and it’s possible that bullets could maybe hurt the Condor, but it’s hard to say one way or the other. I think the sheer size of this Kaiju will allow him to get the upper hand. A quick body slam would end the match. Giant Condor wins.

Giant Condor vs Tripod

The Giant Condor is a pretty powerful beast, but he lacks projectiles. His speed won’t be enough to dodge the Tripod’s deadly lasers. This is why you never want to mess with the legendary Tripod. The Giant Condor has lost this round, but one of these days he may come back. Tripod wins.

Storm Trooper vs Giant Condor

Storm Trooper has some pretty good energy guns, but in the end can they hope to defeat the Giant Condor? The Giant Condor may be a kaiju, but in the end his abilities aren’t up to snuff. His defense just can’t hold up for long against such a powerful gun. Storm Trooper wins.

Giant Condor vs Godzilla

Giant Condor is back, but not for the win that fans were no doubt hoping for! Godzilla is far too powerful and with one blast could take him down. Giant Condor may put a lot of effort into all of his moves, but in the end it just wasn’t enough to take down a being like Godzilla! Godzilla wins.

Minya vs Giant Condor

Giant Condor is back, but he loses this match. Minya got a rank up in Final Wars and can now shoot Atomic Breath that would make Big G himself proud. Minya has taken on some of the fiercest monsters of all time (Gabera and Godzilla) Giant Condor may never appear in a film again. Minya wins.