Howard Aguello vs One Above All

Suggested by Destroyer Howard may have taken more than a few losses so far but he is more than a match for someone like The One Above All. TOAA can’t stand up to bullets very well and he isn’t quick enough to evade them. Despite his fearsome reputation the One Above All has yet to prove anything really. It’s curtains for him and he desperately needs a power up. Howard Aguello wins.


Rick Grimes vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Rick Grimes is a pretty tough guy and he won’t go down without a fight. He has been taking on zombies for a while now and has also stood up against the villainous humans who have taken advantage of the chaos. He is certainly more than capable enough to handle someone like Howard who couldn’t survive for more than a few pages of his comic. Don’t underestimate Rick! Rick Grimes wins.

Prince Haru vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer So a lot of people have been wondering if a Howard Aguello would ever win another match. Well they can stop now, Howard has proven time and time again that he has the skills to pay the bills when he is up against ordinary humans. While Haru may be a little fantastical in the end he has no real special abilities. That’s going to cost him here since he never obtained anything that could help him dodge a bullet or at least to deflect it. Howard Aguello wins.

Rosalina vs Howard Aguello

Rosalina vs Luma
Howard is good at running away, but that won’t help him against a foe as fearsome as Rosalina. Rosalina is a high above being who bows to no being and has earned her spot on top. Howard suffers defeat once more, but the important thing is that he keeps on fighting. Maybe he shall claim victory one day..maybe. Rosalina wins.

Howard Aguello vs Pac Man

PacMan Pit
Howard Aguello has a gun and he’s not afraid to use it, but that still doesn’t equal a victory against Pac Man. Pac Man will use everything at his disposal to win this round and that includes his nice array of fruits. One good attack from his key should keep Howard down for the count. The criminal just wasn’t prepared for this kind of power! Pac Man wins.

Howard Aguello vs King Caesar

“Howard!?” is probably an exclamation that we’ve all uttered at some point. It all started in a certain film (Jingle All The Way I think) and it never stopped. Nonetheless, that doesn’t really pertain to the fight and King Caesar just needs one stomp to win this battle. The difference in power is rather large this time around. King Caesar wins.

Howard Aguello vs Daredevil

Howard Aguello is back for his second loss of the day. Daredevil is getting his own show coming up so it’s good to see him snag a win before that. He is ready to show the world who’s in charge and not even Howard can stand in his way. Daredevil’s still a peak human fighter and he can easily dodge a few bullets. Daredevil wins.

Shredder vs Howard Aguello

Howard Aguello is not your average fighter and he consistently proves why he is the toughest crook that you will ever meet. That may not be enough to defeat an evil Kingpin, but it gets the job done against an average opponent. The Shredder’s much better than Howard at hand to hand and he really shouldn’t have a problem claiming victory here. Shredder wins.

Mecha Godzilla 2 vs Howard Aguello

Howard Aguello is the kind of guy who keeps on losing, but refuses to call it quite. Mecha Godzilla 2 may be a large Kaiju, but Howard is still ready to win this battle. He’s not going to back off just because of the size disadvantage and his power is matched only by his courage. Mecha Godzilla 2 wins.

Furuichi vs Howard Aguello

Howard Aguello is actually here for two fights in a row! Now that’s what I call impressive. There aren’t many characters who can say that they were beaten twice in a matter of minutes. Furuichi only needs one or two good hits to put Howard away. He isn’t known as “The General” for nothing after all! Furuichi wins.