Dominic Toretto vs Howard Aguello

This is a tribute to the 4th Fast and the Furious film. Dominic Toretto always ends up looking rather solid and this movie was no exception. He jumped in and really started dishing out the pain to anyone who got in his way. Howard has a gun but that’s about it and he isn’t exactly trained. The guy would panic the instant that he got near Dominic and that’s why he would lose here. You have to keep a cool head if you want to prevail. Dominic Toretto wins.

Eric Reibel vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Now this is a tough one. Both of these characters are basically just guys with a gun. That being said, Howard was terrified of the Punisher while Eric was standing up to Superman. Neither one of these guys strike me as being a fighter in any way outside of the gun but I would give Eric the edge here. He’s built ready to fight and would be able to take the clean shot easier than Howard due to his confidence. He won’t falter when the going gets tough unlike Howard who would be out of luck here. Eric Reibel wins.

Howard Aguello vs Professor E Gadd

Suggested by Destroyer This is a pretty interesting case since E Gadd has a lot of great inventions but he really isn’t able to fight with them all that well. He’s just not able to move with the same speed and energy as he used to. Howard’s gun isn’t the most powerful weapon out there but a shot would still be able to take E Gadd out of the running. I definitely don’t think he’ll be quite a bullet timer so that’s game over for him. Howard Aguello wins.

Daryl Dixon vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Daryl definitely has the edge in this fight because he’s got way more combat experience than Howard. Howard’s got a gun but he doesn’t get to use it all that much. Daryl’s been taking down zombies for years and is pretty fit. Howard would quickly be outgunned and definitely out strategized. Howard’s going to take another loss here but maybe some day he’ll appear in another comic to get some feats. Daryl Dixon wins.

L vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer L is actually pretty fit and agile so he’s not just some super sleuth. He also has a gun which means game over for Howard. Basically both of them have similar equipment but L is just more agile and ready for a true fight. It’s why Howard is absolutely doomed here. He just won’t be able to compete with L and that’s what puts him in a tough spot here. L will be able to predict Howard’s next move and act accordingly. L wins.

Farmer vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer The Farmer faced down Raditz so I’ll give him some props there. He has a shotgun too which could definitely take Howard down. He’s not very mobile though so I would have to pick Howard in a fight. He’s a lot more likely to dodge the first shot than the Farmer. Howard’s also pretty good at running as in his brief comic book existence he was at least able to put some distance between him and and the Punisher very briefly. Howard Aguello wins.

J Jonah Jameson vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer J Jonah Jameson doesn’t usually fight all that much but he did get powers once during Spider Island. This included super strength, speed, and webbing which means that Howard is completely doomed here. There’s really not much that he can hope to do against a superhuman. Jonah is just out of Howard’s league here. He would be able to dodge any possible attack that Howard tries to launch at him. J Jonah Jameson wins.

J Carroll Corcoran vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Carroll is a pretty tough politician at least when it comes to verbal debates. On the battlefield that can’t be said and he has no gun so that really puts him in a difficult spot. He has no real way to dodge Howard’s attacks and in a fight I feel like Howard would have the edge as well. Carroll has exactly 0 combat experience over the years so he wouldn’t even know how to deal with Howard here. It’s one of those rare occasions where Howard gets a clean victory. Howard Aguello wins.

Howard Aguello vs Shark

Suggested by Destroyer Howard has a gun but I don’t see that working too well here. Sharks can grow to pretty large sizes and Jaws was able to do pretty well even when confronted with a gun. Howard would need to be able to stay brave even in the presence of a big shark and I don’t see him doing that. If he misses even a single shot then it’s game over. As soon as the Shark gets his fangs into Howard that will be the end of the match. It’s just game over at this point. Shark wins.

Howard Aguello vs Roland Daggett

Suggested by Destroyer This one’s kind of close. Roland isn’t much of a fighter but he does have a gun so he is kind of equal with Howard there. Ultimately I would still give him the edge here though because he’s just been shown to be a lot more agile and tough when compared with Howard. I don’t really see Howard being able to outmaneuver this guy before the shots are fired. That will be the end for Howard. Roland Daggett wins.