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Howard Aguello vs Curious George

Suggested by Destroyer Howard has returned. He has been getting quite a few wins over the years and I believe this will end up being another one. Curious George is a really fun character who has been with us for generations, but he isn’t a fighter. Howard ultimately does have a gun so he at least stands a chance in a lot of fights. There just isn’t really much of anything that Curious George can do to try and make a comeback here. Howard will catch him and take him to the vet. Howard Aguello wins.

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Howard Aguello vs Officer Wembley

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for Howard to return to fight another gunfighter. He’s actually been doing pretty well thus far and this is another match he will win. Officer Wembley’s also got a gun, but he’s not quite in athletic shape so he won’t be able to dodge Howard’s attacks. Howard can shoot off his gun real quick and Wembley definitely won’t be able to dodge that. Howard Aguello wins.

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Howard Aguello vs General Hardcastle

Suggested by Destroyer Howard Aguello has returned, but now he’s up against an actual army fighter. There’s no way Howard could ever hope to stop Hardcastle here. Not only does the general have a lifetime of combat experience at his disposal, but he’s even got a cool sci-fi gun at his disposal. He would be quick on the draw and that would be the end of the match. General Hardcastle wins.

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Howard Aguello vs Lubba

Suggested by Destroyer Lubba is a pretty fun character from Mario Galaxy, but I don’t really feel like he can fight. The guy has a lot of confidence, but a gun would be enough to take him down. Howard isn’t the world’s best fighter, but he’s at least got some ammo and that’ll have to be enough. He’s probably gotten more wins in this one day than in the last year or so. Lubba needs some kind of power up so stack up here. Howard Aguello wins.

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Howard Aguello vs Luke Benson

Suggested by Destroyer Howard and Luke are both guys with guns which means that a single shot could end either of these guys. The key is in who would be able to land the shot first or who is in a better position to dodge a shot. I’d have to go with Howard here. Luke was bold enough to shoot at Superman, but he’s really not used to being in a combat situation at all. Howard is a crook who goes around robbing people so he’s at least got experience and seems to be more athletic. This is a fight he’s got in the bag. Howard Aguello wins.

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Vakishim vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Vakishim is a pretty powerful Kaiju and not a beast to be underestimated. He has given Ultraman a pretty powerful fight back in the day and certainly hasn’t gotten any weaker since then. Howard will have to be very careful since his gun will only be able to do so much against such a powerful opponent. Honestly it probably wouldn’t even make a scratch on Vakishim so Howard is really doomed right from the start. His only option here is to surrender. Vakishim wins.

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Sam B vs Howard Aguello


Suggested by Destroyer Looks like it’s time for Howard Aguello to step into the ring. He’s basically just your average guy with a gun so there really isn’t anything that he can hope to do against Sam. Sam B is just like Howard only he has super strength to amp himself up. This means he’ll be quicker on the trigger and he would absolutely wreck Howard if it came down to a fight. There’s no area where Howard surpasses Sam. Sam B wins.

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Tripod vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Howard Aguello is definitely not the strongest guy out there. If you think about it he is basically just a guy with a gun. That’s not gonna cut it against the Tripod. Tripods can take over whole planets if given enough time. A little bullet isn’t gonna even put a dent in their armor. These guys make up for their lack of agility with sheer firepower. Tripod wins.

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Howard Aguello vs Batman

This is a tribute to Batman Ninja. Batman definitely looked pretty solid through and through here. He came up with good plans and adapted to this older world pretty quick. I somehow don’t think Howard would have been able to do much adapting at all. These two are polar opposites and Batman’s built a career out of putting guys like Howard away. There’s nothing Howard can throw at Batman that would intimidate the Dark Knight in the slightest. Batman wins.

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Howard Aguello vs Rarity

Suggested by Destroyer Howard Aguello may have actually stood a chance here if not for the fact that Rarity has some pretty serious TK powers. She can stop the bullet from hitting her if she reacts in time or she can use the barriers that she obtained in Equestria Girls. Either way Howard is definitely done. There’s simply no way that he can hope to take down Rarity. She’s ascended to a level where he simply cannot reach. The instant he shoots is the instant he loses. Rarity wins.